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New from the lovely people at Woolies is this new Aerosol Solvent Cleaner, which is ideal for removing excess adhesive, oil or grease off a variety of surfaces including carpets, fabrics and trim. They’ve been using at their warehouse and have found it very good at removing old cellotape marks and adhesive from glass, metal and plastic surfaces. A 500ml aerosol costs £8 and is available NOW from or 01778 34 7347 ENDS.


Power Maxed has launched a limited edition Christmas Tree-scented Carnauba Winter Wax, which smells fresh and offers the nostalgic fragrance of Christmas Tree pine needles.

It is a limited edition and an ideal for Christmas present for the car cleaning enthusiast. The wax is perfect for bitter winter months as it boasts good durability.

Xmas Tree Winter Carnauba Wax utilises Hydrophobic Beading Technology to give a quality water-proof finish and an effect that will leave you impressed the maker’s claim.

When combined with proper detailing techniques, Xmas Tree Winter Carnauba Wax offers the very best in car care and detailing products. Although the More >


Ideal for the smaller toolbox or tool roll, this new ratchet handle from Kamasa (part number 56101), has four interchangeable heads; this means that one ratchet handle can be used for ½in drive, 3/8in drive and ¼in drive sockets and accessories and also be used to drive bits (included).

The smooth ratchet is reversible and the socket heads all feature a quick-release mechanism. Ten of the most-used bits are included in a separate holder: Philips Ph1 and Ph2; PzDrive Pz1 and Pz2; flat 4mm and 5mm; and Star T20, T25, T30 and T40.

A strong, well-made set, the ratchet handle and heads More >


Chrysler’s B and RB engines are capable of making monstrous amounts of horsepower with the right components. Now big block Mopar fans can boost their airflow with a set of Trick Flow PowerPort 240 aluminium cylinder heads.

Dyno-tested on the company’s Superflow dyno, a 10.4:1 compression, 446-cubic inch Mopar with PowerPort 240s made 620bhp.

The cylinder heads feature fully profiled 78cc combustion chambers and CNC Street Ported 240cc intake/74cc exhaust runners for balanced airflow from runner to runner. Trick Flow engineers fixed the shortcomings of the factory head design by relocating the oil holes for the rocker shafts and optimising the shape More >


There are few forms of motor racing that haven’t utilised the Dzus fastener in its 80-year history, where it has almost become a household name in the motorsport industry.

However, engineers at Specialty Fasteners, working with their production partners Camloc, have come up with what they claim is a 21st century alternative – AeroLoc.

The key to the product is the use of a cross-head stud, which all but eliminates the risk of damaging expensive body panels and, by using a cam receptacle, consistent fastening performance is guaranteed. AeroLoc is also available with a bail handle for hand operation, where use of a More >


Among the thousands of products stocked by Car Builder Solutions, one of the best-sellers is their 12-Circuit Wiring Module, which they now make in-house.

It’s a universal fit, with all the hard work pre-done for you featuring correctly rated fuses on all circuits, indicator, hazard flasher, horn and fan relays mounted on a pre-drilled aluminium base-plate.

A bargain at £117.60 inc VAT the unit comes with full instructions and diagrams. The module is mounted under your dashboard or within your engine bay.

More information from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.


Burton Power is now stocking the products of leading American ignition company – MSD.

If you are looking to upgrade your stock coil or want to complement the performance of your MSD Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7, the Blaster Coil line is a prudent choice. All Blaster Coils are designed to improve spark output.

Special 100:1 windings are used to provide maximum build-up of voltage, which are held secure and kept cool in an oil-filled metal canister. The tower assembly is moulded from durable alkyd material, known for its high dielectric characteristics, while widely-spaced brass primary terminals prevent the possibility More >


As the summer comes to an end it’s time to prepare your car for winter and before you add anti-freeze it’s a good idea to flush your cooling system completely using Radiator Flush from DEI.

DEI Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush is designed to restore cooling system efficiency by removing rust deposits and dissolving oily residue. A flush through will leave your cooling system clean and ready to be re-filled with a water/anti-freeze mix – or you could give your cooling system a boost by adding DEI’s Heater Hotter.

Heater Hotter is a performance radiator additive specially formulated to rapidly absorb heat More >


You may have heard about FOLIATEC®.com’s Spray Film and the product enables you to re-colour your wheels, accessories or even your whole car yourself at home. If you fancy a change or the film gets damaged, you just peel it off and re-spray.

It’s this complete removability that has made the product so popular and now FOLIATEC®.com has come up with a Spray Film Remover for films that are too thin or worn to be peeled off easily.

The Spray Film Remover is easy to use and loosens any remains of the film quickly and effectively. Spray it onto the film and More >


Mini Spares has just opened its new branch in York, which replaces its old premises in Harrogate, which it had outgrown.

The new branch will be welcoming old and new customers from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 2pm on Saturday (except bank holidays) and it is packed with replacements parts, tuning and styling accessories – everything you need to keep your Mini on the road or track and gain the maximum enjoyment from it, all under one roof.

Mini Spares North also operates its own separate mail order department as an alternative to the main London warehouse. You’ll More >

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