news_DEI_nimbusThe Onyx Series™ Flexible Heat Shield is DEI’s next generation of heat protection performance.

Using a combination of advanced textiles and a reliable standoff bracket design, the product has a rich, black finish and provides maximum cooling and heat dissipation thus preventing heat soak and burns.

DEI’s new Onyx Series Heat Shield joins two durable materials together to form a dual-layer design. The outer layer is a heat-treated glass fibre impregnated with molten aluminium that is formed into a tight weave for durability and strength. The inside material is a specially treated, high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica) that withstands extreme heat – up to 1350°F (approx. 730°C). The outer edge features a surge stitch and all hardware is stainless steel.

This proprietary textile technology combined with the unique stainless steel bracket’s stand-off design provides maximum cooling and heat dissipation.

Designed to be flexible, the shield fits many different applications and pipe diameters. In addition for use as a protective barrier on exhaust pipes, cars or motorcycles, the shield is recommended to use as a heat barrier between transmissions, brake lines, hoses, electrical wiring, fuel tanks, body panels and bumpers.

More from UK distributor, Nimbus Motorsport via or 01377 236 170 ENDS.