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Bar Keepers Friend (BKF) is a specialist, natural cleaning range first launched in 1882 that cleans and shines chrome, brass and metal beautifully and has become a firm favourite among discerning car owners.

The product contains a special non-bleach formula based on the unique cleaning power of Oxalic Acid (found in rhubarb, parsley and chives) and when combined with its unique mineral base and surfactant blend, delivers a unique cleaning performance.   The acids used in BKF are naturally occurring organic acids and the mineral filler is not only naturally occurring but dug from mountains in Norway.

It removes rust better than other More >


Edelbrock has expanded their line of E-CNC cylinder heads to include an application for the popular GM LS3 V8 engine.

Edelbrock E-CNC LS3 cylinder heads (#61319) feature altered valve angles and locations, spark plug location, and valve sizes along with all-new high flow ports and chambers. The result is a versatile, high port velocity cylinder head that is an excellent choice for road or track LS1, LS2 and LS3 engines.

Despite the geometric revisions, stock LS3 rocker arms and 69cc chamber size are retained. The Edelbrock E-CNC LS3 cylinder heads utilise a valve size and location, allowing it to fit within LS1 More >


A useful new tool from Rally Design, in the form of lock-wire pliers. They make an easy job of twisting wire and their 7in length is ideal for accessing tight locations.

They can be used with most diameters of copper or stainless lockwire and have a clever and simple method of operation. They have a retail price of £14.28 inc VAT each.

More from or 01227 792 792 ENDS.


Keeping the recommended tyre pressure on our wheels provides better safety and efficiency on the road. This new tyre pressure gauge from Laser Tools (part number 6055) will make sure that your tyre pressures are set accurately.

Having properly inflated tyres means better fuel consumption, tyres don’t wear out as quickly and ensures your car handles as the manufacturer designed it to. The Laser tyre pressure gauge is cased in rubber for toughness and liquid filled for accuracy. The valve connector is angled and swivels for ease of access and the hose is a useful 550mm in length. Gauge diameter is More >


Wayne Blackwell of Widow Sports Cars has been working hard on finishing his clever TVR-inspired, Mazda MX-5-based SPR1 body conversion.

Development hold ups meant that the car didn’t make its planned debut at Stoneleigh last month but since then Wayne has got really busy. Two body styles will be available, Coupe and Targa and the kit packages will include side sills, door skins, rear clam, body mounting kit, Plexiglass rear and quarter windows. Kit prices have yet to be completely finalised but should be around £4500.

More from ENDS.


Several years ago, Terry Groves, acquired the MR2 Kits operation from founder, Dave Jones and although he keeps the operation fairly low-key his GTF kit package, inspired by the F430, has sold in steady numbers.

News comes though of a new product, in the form of the 350 Cali, a take on the California, based rather imaginatively on Nissan 350Z Coupe, which comes free with a 3.5-litre V6 and acres of tuning potential. It’s a Japanese rice rocket, for gawdsake!

Actually, it’s good to see new donors being pressed into service. We’ve seen Lexus SC430 and just lately the first use of More >


Bourne-based Hall’s Garage, manufacturers of the Rana has announced that their bodykits can now be ordered in gelcoat, meaning that if you’re on a budget, this move negates the need for paint, thus saving a chunk of money.

The MG specialist, run by Steve Hall, is offering gelcoat colours that match the MG Midget colour palette. Two versions of the Rana are available with the standard kit (non-original wind-up windows as a feature) at £1800 meaning a DIY build budget of around £5000.

Alternatively they also offer the Sebring SS package based around a new British Motor Heritage chassis rather than the More >


We’ve been big fans of Sugru for a couple of years now and the mouldable silicone really does have a multitude of uses.

The ‘magic rubber stuff’ is fantastic and can be shaped and formed to your heart’s content, taking around 24-hours to ‘go off’. Even then it can still be removed.

Some of the jobs we’ve used it for our pretty random. For instance, I created a ‘holder’ in my MGF for my iPod, I created corner ‘bumpers’ for my iPhone and even covered the handle of a metal handled saucepan that continually burnt our hands. Sugru sorted that one out.

I More >


The new range of twist knotted steel wire brush wheels from Zip Wheels could be attractive to kitcar enthusiasts.

They fit 100mm or 125mm electric angle grinders and are colour-coded, making them easy to identify. I’d guess that ‘ZipBlue’ will be the most popular for specialist car use as it’s ideal for non-flat areas.

Each wheel is made from 0.5mm wire and can be used at speeds up to 14,000rpm. Prices start at £9.96 and they are available from ENDS


The well-engineered and value for money Trackace laser tracking system has hitherto only been let down by the thin and flimsy cardboard packaging.

Rally Design claim to be the first company in the world to supply the Trackace gauge in an optional robust blow-moulded case, to safely protect the product and help ensure longevity.

The case is available at £17.88 inc VAT, or if purchased together with a Trackace gauge £12 inc VAT.

More information from 01227 792 792 or ENDS.

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