Early shots of the latest variant of the superb Enigma from Healy Designs, which is a V8-powered example.

news_healy_1Built using a new chassis it uses either RX-8 or Mazda MX-5 Mk3 running gear, with the engine and gearbox from the Lexus LS400, with the car shown here also featuring the new power-roof mechanism.

It also features new options such as extra padded, quilted leather seats, electronic dashboard and the V8 power bulge bonnet.

The Norfolk-based operated, run by Martin Williamson, seems to be doing very nicely lately aided by beautiful builds like this, which emanate from the company’s Latvian factory, where they clearly use skilled craftsmen.

news_healy_2Kit price for the Enigma V8 is £6995 although they can offer turnkeys, rolling chassis’ packages and part builds in addition to the more basic body/chassis units.

The addition of the Mazda RX-8 as a donor opens up[ more possibilities, because there are plenty of the capable rotary engine model available for little money because of issues with rotor tips that renders the cars as uneconomical to repair.

More information from www.healydesigns.co.uk or 07584 087 056 or agents Automotive Creation on www.automotivecreation.com or 07973 897 783 ENDS.