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Sebring International has always been one of the most popular kitcar manufacturers, although have gone very quiet in recent years, with no show appearances or advertising.

Their range of Healey replicas and Healey-inspired sportscars is of very high quality and things have moved on greatly since they first appeared on the UK scene some 25-years ago, when run by Martin Williamson (now Healy Design) and Rodney Rushton, set-up to sell the prolific American kits produced by Classic Roadsters.

A chap called, John Batchelor, came along shortly after they were founded and ended-up in sold control moving the operation from their original Sunbury-on-Thames More >


From racing stripes to coloured alloys or custom bonnets, vehicle customisation has never been easier with Rust-Oleum Peel Coat spray paint, available exclusively at Halfords.

Whether you’re a budding racer or just want to enhance your vehicle, Peel Coat is perfect for custom paintjobs, which look incredible, but can be easily peeled-off without damaging the paintwork underneath.

Rust-Oleum Peel Coat is a versatile spray paint for creating temporary painted details on your kitcar, motorbike, bicycle, helmet or any other painted surface. After layered application, Peel Coat forms a rubberised coating, which can be removed simply by rubbing at its edges and peeling More >


Jenvey Dynamics has launched a new downdraft throttle body kits for the GM LS3 V8, unveiled last weekend at the National Kit Car Motor Show at Stoneleigh. The fast-road and full race set-ups, which provide increased power and throttle response, are lighter in weight than currently available systems.

The modular design also helps provide a solution for engine bays where space is restricted, such as high performance applications. Indeed, and in-car installation of the new CKCT04  LS3 downdraft SFD kit was on show fitted to a GD427.

“Demand in the USA and Europe has driven the introduction of the downdraft SFD kit More >


Leading car care experts, Autoglym, is celebrating 50-years of production this year. To mark the milestone the Letchworth-based company has launched three limited edition bottles as part of its golden anniversary. Special bottles of Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner, Super Resin Polish and Extra Gloss Protection are now in stores nationwide and will be available to purchase throughout 2015.

Autoglym’s passion for perfection began in 1965 at a time when using car wax and polish was a difficult and laborious process. It launched its first ever product, Radiant Wax Polish and quickly gained a loyal following of professional users impressed by the finish More >


Kalimex, distributors of K-Seal Original, permanent coolant leak repair, has now added K-Seal Ultimate Head Gasket repair.  Given the cost of repairing or replacing a cracked or blown cylinder head gasket can easily run into hundreds if not thousands of pounds for any custom or kitcar enthusiast this product could do a job.

Based on the original winning K-Seal formula this enhanced version includes K-Tek and anti-rust protection and has been tested to ASTM D3147 by engineers at Brighton University under independent laboratory conditions.

One bottle will treat all sizes of engine even V8s eliminating the cost of having to buy multiple More >


DEI Powersports has launched what they call the next generation of heat protection performance using a combination of advanced textiles and a reliable stand-off bracket design.

DEI’s new ONYX Series™ Flexible Heat Shield, available in a rich black finish, looks great and outperforms other conventional metal heatshields currently on the market, it is claimed. For improved thermal performance, DEI joined two durable materials together to form a dual layer design. The outer is made from heat-treated glassfibre, impregnated with molten aluminium (that’s what it says here!), which is then formed into a tight weave for added durability and strength.

Meanwhile, the inner More >


After years of supplying carburettor service kits for the Weber 48IDA, Webcon has introduced their most comprehensive Master Overhaul Kit ever produced for this iconic carburettor.

The kit includes float, needle valve, gauze cover as well as springs, gaskets, tabs etc to allow the carburettor to be rebuilt to factory specification at a fraction of the cost of a new carburettor.

Part number 9210500500 is priced at £83.48 inc VAT and is available direct from Webcon and their appointed Webcon dealers around the world.

For further details contact Webcon UK on 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


Driving in poor weather conditions brings with it many challenges with real pressure on windscreen wiper blades, although they are often the most neglected component on a vehicle according to consumer research.

An online consumer poll conducted for Trico Ltd, has indicated that some 10 per cent of motorists admitted to never checking their windscreen wiper blades, even though seeing clearly is vital to road safety. Most drivers were also totally unaware that defective wiper blades can lead to a £1000 fine and penalty points on their license.

Trico, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of windscreen wiper blades, has launched a More >


Don’t piece together your fuel system with parts that may or may not work together. These Aeroquip Fuel System Plumbing kits from Summit Racing have everything you need to get the job done. That saves you time and effort, plus you get peace of mind knowing your plumbing was done with top-quality components.

Summit Racing has an Aeroquip plumbing kit that fits most Holley, Edelbrock and other aftermarket carburettors as well as kits for Ford engines with Holley carbs and GM units with Quadrajets through to 1974. The packages include -6 AN stainless steel braided hose and the necessary aluminium fittings More >


Part of Laser’s range of tools for hybrid and electric vehicles, these new insulated wrenches (part number 6048) are both GS and VDE certificated and manufactured according to the IEC60900 standard.

As part of strict health and safety regulations, the GS mark is recognised throughout the EU as a symbol of safety and the VDE certification is also highly recognised, assuring that wrenches, screwdrivers and other hand tools are safe to use when working with electricity in a high voltage environment.

The wrenches are manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for strength and wear resistance and feature the most commonly used sizes of More >