news_renovo_carpet_reviverIf you’ve got a car with a soft top I think you’ve almost definitely know about the superb products of Renovo International. Their range enlivens, revives and maintains the condition of your car’s hood.

A faded, baggy old soft top can let down the appearance of an otherwise good car, but Renovo can help there too by re-colouring to an as-new condition.

Exciting news for 2016 is the arrival of not one but FIVE new products from Renovo International and I am sure they’re going to become equally essential as the company’s hood range.

First up is Carpet Reviver. Cleaning, reviving the colour of black carpets and proofing them can do a lot to improve the overall look of the interior of a car. Discoloured, flattened, dirty carpets will make a vehicle look old. While there isn’t much you can do for worn out carpets, you can make dirty, faded, black carpets look almost as good as new.

Renovo Carpet Reviver is simple to apply and is claimed to be unique. Its formulation not only cleans and re-colours black carpet; it protects with advanced anti-bacterial guard and is said to be effective against super-bugs and it contains a UV inhibitor. It infuses your car with a new car fragrance too!

Carpet Reviver costs £14.95 for a 400ml spray bottle and is available from or by calling 01444 443 277 ENDS.