These specialist brake bleeder wrenches from Laser Tools (part number 6783) are designed to simplify brake-bleeding and the additional ease of access will in many cases let the operator bleed the brakes without removing the road wheels.

Six sizes of wrench are supplied in the set, to cover most popular applications: 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm and 12 mm, all colour-coded for easy identification.

Ideal for both brake and clutch hydraulic systems, the wrench set is supplied in a sturdy blow-mould case with internal foam to keep the wrenches and tube secure and tidy.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist at a More >


Bolstering its already comprehensive range of tyres for vehicles of all types and sizes, Toyo has announced the Celsius, a new all-season, all weather tyre.

While the capabilities and traits offered by specialised tyres are certainly deeply impressive, it’s worth taking the time to stop and consider just how amazing more general, all-season tyres actually are, particularly when you bear in mind the myriad different conditions they’re expected to deal with. Joining its already impressive range of all-season rubber, Toyo’s Celsius benefits from the firm’s years of expertise, and all at a price point that makes it accessible to the vast More >


Boom Mat now offers a premium peel and stick 2mm thick automotive Damping Material that offers a more effective way to reduce unwanted noise.

The company’s original material has been used for years to improve sound proofing. The new and improved 2mm damping material is designed to more effectively reduce low frequency noise (typical of structure borne vibrations) with less material coverage – thus reducing weight, material cost and installation time. Road, engine and vibration noise is reduced dramatically when damping material is applied to floors, firewalls, door skins and overhead interior roof panels.

The product consists of a viscoelastic polymer layer More >


We all know that there was a time when Rover quality wasn’t ahem, all it might have been

Frequent warranty work led Rover to develop this ridged engine to gearbox seal to reduce warranty hour costs on powertrain repairs by its main dealers.

This is a special rigid half-moon seal and can be pushed in without stripping the engine from the gearbox making a time consuming job far quicker and less tedious.

Mini Spares can now offer this time-saving item as part number CAM6548 at £4.80 inc VAT.

For more information call them on 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.

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Exciting news from Tiger Racing this week with the announcement of a NEW TIGER ONE MAKE RACE SERIES for 2017/18.

It is based around drivers buying a TIGER AVON racecar with 150bhp equating to around 250bhp per tonne. It kicks-off in 2017 with a set-up day, a trackday and two race meetings from mid to end of the year.

New Tiger one-make race series announced this week

During the 2018 season there’ll be a further six race meetings at various circuits around the UK. Tiger will be at each round with a back-up service and spares availability.

Tiger Racing MD, Jim Dudley said: “We’ve More >


Mini Spares has launched their own version of the 29-tooth primary gear for A-plus 1275cc engines.

The DAM8890 gear comes with an easy-change front floating bush, held in by a circlip. When the bush finally needs replacing it can be easily removed without the need to replace the gear as well. Result.

End float clearances for the 29-tooth primary gear are from .0035 to .0065. Mini Spares can supply shim washers DAM6486 to DAM6490 for use with the 29-tooth primary gear.

Original A+ 29-tooth primary gears usually cost over £200 from Rover, but the Mini Spares DAM8890 primary gear retails at just £153.60 More >


Drilling out a broken stud is an exercise fraught with danger; if the drill does not go in 100 per cent straight and parallel to the stud, the internal threads can be drilled through or worse, the cylinder head or gearbox casing can be left expensively damaged.

This new kit from Laser Tools (part number 6587), allows the user to correctly and safely drill out broken M8 and M10 studs and bolts. Ideal for use on exhaust manifolds, inlet manifolds, cylinder heads, gearboxes, differentials, etc, where stud size and spacing allows access.

The shallow design improves access to allow drilling in situ. More >


Ring, the automotive lighting, workshop equipment and aftermarket specialist, has launched the new Under Bonnet Lamp RUBL1000, which benefits from three 5w LEDs to provide 1000 lumens of light output.

With an RRP of £99.99, RUBL1000 is the first under-bonnet lamp to be introduced to the Ring inspection lamp range, and is the ideal solution to hands-free working in typically dark workshop environments.

Lightweight, adjustable and suitable to mount on to the majority of vehicles, the RUBL1000 is a sturdy polycarbonate, ABS and aluminium construction. The length of the lamp is easily extended to fit the vehicle that a technician is working More >


I’ve been testing out the very interesting Snooper My-Speed XL – a very easy to use device that displays and alerts you to speed limits and changes in limits throughout Western Europe.

Plus, it incorporates Snooper’s award-winning GPS speed trap detection technology supplied by AURA™. With FREE speed camera updates. The My-Speed XL software will display the speed limit of the road you’re travelling on, plus your current speed in large format (the screen size is 4.3). This helps drivers to quickly see the speed limit and their current speed, protecting their driving licence and keeping them free from hefty fines

Snooper My-Speed XL has been launched as More >


These new Clubman Race Scales from Brown & Geeson are fitted with heavy-duty flexible cables.

The easy to use control pad displays the vehicle’s four corner weights, the cross weights and percentages, all at once.

The control pad features a low power consumption level with a rechargeable battery life of 40- hours and has the option to save vehicle set ups for future reference. A protective carry case is included to protect and transport the control pad, cables and mains power adaptor. The power unit comes with a UK plug and a Euro adaptor to enable operation in the UK and across More >