Excessive heat can easily damage brake-lines, transmissions, hoses and electrical wiring – not to mention your skin! DEI Flexible Heat Shields use a combination of advanced textiles and an innovative stand-off bracket design to dissipate heat thus protecting susceptible components as well as arms and legs.

Flexible Heat Shields are rated to offer protection from heat up to 1350°F, making them the ideal solution for any automotive or marine application where local heat protection is needed. They are of specific safety value around hot exhaust pipes on motorcycles, kitcars, quad-bikes and other off-road vehicles.

DEI Flexible Heat Shields come in a choice More >


Aqua from Alien Magic is a car care product I really like. It’s a nano hydrophobic wet coat product that really works amazingly well.

It’s easy to apply, has amazing hydrophobic effectiveness (it beads, basically) and outstanding wet coat gloss, and there are huge benefits in using this product from the experienced detailer to the weekend enthusiast.

The versatility of Aqua means it is ideal for painted, plastic, chrome, vinyl and glass surfaces imparting an extra deep high gloss shine, unrivalled fast drying action, free from spotting or streaking in the rain.

You just spray it onto your car’s body once it’s been More >


In case you haven’t noticed, OEM manufacturers have replaced traditional hydraulic power steering with electric power steering and the latter eliminates heavy, bulky hydraulic lines and pumps, so it’s lighter and can be packaged to fit in tight engine compartments, like those of kitcars.

They made the switch for fuel economy reasons, primarily but the advantages of electric power steering make it ideal for updating your kitcar, classic car, muscle car, truck, or street rod to modern steering.

Summit Racing now carries EPAS Performance electric power steering kits that make the swap a cinch. The kits use an electric motor and a More >


Sealey has added 100-litre capacity wheeled bins to their range. Made from durable polypropylene, they are also available incorporating a quick release foot pedal for convenience. The dimensions are 595 x 570 x 765mm.

A solid rear axle houses two Ø200mm wheels and the three robust handles allow the bins to be moved easily, even when full. Red is recommended for plastics, green for glass, black for general waste and blue for paper, but they can be used as desired.

Copies of the Summer Promotion are available from your local stockist, or you can view or request a copy online.

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Burton Power has recently released a range of stainless steel wiper arms for some of the older classic British Fords thereby ensuring that their wipers will continue doing their job and looking smart for many years to come.

Available for: 5.2mm wide for Ford Anglia and Lotus Elan. LHD. Part no: WIPERARM52L pair £33.94 inc VAT. 5.2mm wide for Ford Anglia and Lotus Elan. RHD. Part no: WIPERARM52R pair £33.94 inc VAT. 7.2mm wide for Ford Escort Mk1, Cortina Mk1/Mk2, Capri Mk1, Zephyr/Zodiac Mk3/Mk4 LHD. Part no: WIPERARM72L pair £33.94 inc VAT. 7.2mm wide for Ford Escort Mk1, Cortina Mk1/Mk2, Capri More >


NEW – GBS TRS Seat Belts Available in Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and Red / £109.99 a pair /

GBS still sells the standard TRS Seat Belts –

GBS Merchandise – Hats, Caps, Fleeces, T-Shirts, Mugs.



BRP reckon they are disrupting the three-wheel vehicle category with the introduction of an all-new Can-Am Ryker model.

The Ryker is an entirely new model in the Can-Am On-Road vehicle line-up, which now includes both the Can-Am Ryker and Can-Am Spyder model families.

“Our research has shown that thousands of more people around the world would be willing to consider riding on three wheels if it were more affordable,” said Josée Perreault, Senior Vice- President, Can-Am On-Road at BRP. “The Can-Am Ryker tackles that barrier head-on with no compromises – it’s highly sophisticated and has a long list of innovative features and More >


MX-5 owners and kitcar owners using an MX-5 donor can now get purpose-made Wilwood kits from Moss Europe.

These kits have everything you’ll need to improve your MX-5’s braking efficiency: big four-piston front calipers feature a tough protective black powdercoating and there is a choice of vented or cross-drilled/slotted discs.

These kits come complete with pads, alloy bells, mounting brackets and bolts and fixings – in fact, everything you need to bolt on some serious stopping power in your own garage! It even works with the OEM master cylinder. Full fitting instructions are included.

Order as part number: 906-160 and request ‘Vented’ (at More >


Two new Club Hammers have been added to Sealey’s Premier Hand Tool range that are designed for daily professional use. The CHF251 has a 2.5-lb drop-forged carbon steel head, and the CHF401 has a 4-lb head.

They are fitted with a glassfibre shaft and feature a contoured shock absorbing rubber grip.  The 2.5-lb model is available online from around £11 inc VAT and the 4-lb model for around £16 inc VAT.

Also, added to the range are three sledgehammers, which are manufactured from fine-grained carbon-steel with a heat-treated, induction hardened and tempered with precision ground polished striking face.

These also have a glassfibre More >


Professional car detailers rely on a number of special brushes and cleaning tools in their pursuit of perfection and this new twin-head cleaning brush from Gunson (part number 77151) will let you clean your pride and joy like a pro. This new brush has been designed to help you clean those hard to reach areas of cars that other cleaning tools simply cannot reach.

Get stuck into these detailed areas of the dashboard with its soft bristle brush; spin it around and use the 3-pronged soft microfibre cloth on your vents, removing all grime and dust particles.

It’s not just modern cars More >