BG Racing’s Large Folding Table is the ideal companion in the garage or workshop. The table features a sturdy 6ft work surface that folds in half for ease of storage and transportation.

A pair of shelves can be purchased separately along with specifically designed Kart Tyre Rails that can be positioned in several different arrangements to suit the user’s requirements.

Weight-rated levelling feet on the bottom of each leg make it quick and easy to achieve a level working surface regardless of the ground the table is standing on.

The BG Racing Large Folding Table is manufactured from high-grade mild steel with a More >


New body conversion kit from long-established classic restorers, Shire Motor Services of Wellingborough is this classic Mustang-style body conversion kit. It’s called the Wild Stag GT3.

Created by James Billson, it uses an unusual donor car in the shape of the Triumph Stag and because it is based on that car’s chassis it is IVA-exempt.

According to Howmanyleft, there are still over 5000 Stags on the road, which is a pretty good percentage of the total that was sold between 1970-1978 (approximately 25,000 made).

James has yet to announce prices but with Stag donors fetching £1000 for a scabby one to £2000 for More >


This new and compact sandblast gun from Gunson Tools (part number 77155) fires dry abrasive particles at high speed, quickly removing rust, scale, old paint etc. Ideal for cleaning pitted surfaces, crevices and other hard to reach places, the gun is designed for performance and ease of use.

The gun works with a workshop compressed air supply (recommended operating pressure 90psi) and features a fully adjustable control valve. You can adjust the amount of blast media that flows through the sandblaster and the control valve also gives you the ability to completely restrict the flow of media if you require air More >


Autoglym’s new Wheel Cleaning Mousse could be the coolest thing to happen to wheels since ‘spokey dokeys’ adorned all BMXs in the eighties! Maybe.

There are some preferable processes in car care that us enthusiasts occasionally refer to as a pleasurable, fun or extremely satisfying experience. ‘Wheels’ is not usually it!

Simply spray a light coating of this stuff onto the surface of your alloy and watch it expand into a thick mousse that seeps into all those fiddly nooks and crannies, clinging to the contours and ensuring total coverage.

Once it’s found its way to all the hidden spots and stops expanding, More >


With the Clarke range of Garage/Workshops, you can protect your pride and joy from the elements in a tight fit, well-lit, protected environment through ratchet-tight cover tensioning for that drum-tight finish.

Using a heavy-duty advanced cover that is triple-layered, waterproof, fully UV treated for long term protection against sun, rain and wind, it’s a product that is built to last.

The range is easy to install though bolt together hardware and joint supports with a powdercoated steel frame for optimum durability and stability. With various anchoring options, they can be erected on a variety of surfaces.

The bright white interiors provide optimum light More >


Another decent wheel cleaner that I reach for often, especially in winter months is Meguiar’s Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner, which is a powerful performer that works on all types of wheel finish. I guess we’ve all made the mistake of using one of those horrid toxic ones that have pickled a wheel. No such worries here.

The product contains advanced chemistry, with surfactants that attack crud, brake dust and road dirt. Spray it on and watch it immediately start to life contaminants. Hose or wash off and you’ll see a marked difference to the wheel’s surface.

It’s also acid- and pH-free and More >


New from Rally Design is this new nine-piece Scraper, Hook and Pick Toolset (part number SWE655).

These tools have so many uses around the workshop – such as scraping off old gaskets, removing of old seals and sealant, picking out fuses/springs/cotter pins, you name it.

They are manufactured from CV steel with easy grip ergonomic handles. The sets contain 10in long hooks, picks and scraper and 6½in long hooks and picks. At £9.99 this is a bargain

More information from 01227 792 792 or visit ENDS.


For fifty consecutive years (1964-2014), Hyperco coil springs were standard equipment on every car that won the Indianapolis 500. That’s quite a record.

Hyperco got its start when an engineer named Jim Fielder started making springs for racing in the early 1960s. His designs quickly dominated motorsport suspension technology, in the USA and Hyperco has further refined them to keep you competitive today.

Summit Racing stocks Hyperco coil and leaf springs for racing and road use.

Hypercoil™ Coil-over Springs

Hypercoil coil-over springs are lighter than standard coil springs and hold their free length and spring rates far longer than competing coil-overs. They are available More >


With Tiger Racing celebrating a marvellous thirty-years in the same Dudley-family ownership in 2019, as you’d expect there’s planned to mark this considerable milestone.

The company has started the year running with plenty of orders and restoration work on-the-go. They also do plenty of classic car refurb work and sales plus have earned a reputation as one of the UK’s leading authorities on retro and fast Fords.

Tiger boss and founder, Jim Dudley has also found time to create a new version of their top-selling Avon model, an as yet un-named larger version, which cleverly retains the same track and wheelbase while More >


Although I swear by the virtues of a proper car dryer, I still like to keep a proper drying towel to hand, which is very convenient especially if there’s no easy access to an electricity supply to plug your dryer in.

Trouble is plenty of companies claim that their drying towel is the best. Sadly, most of them are no better than a microfibre cloth, which are great for applying and removing wax and polish bit not so hot for drying your car’s paintwork.

WoWo makes a great one but I think on balance my absolute favourite and number one choice comes More >