Ring has introduced its most advanced jumpstarters to date with the ULTRABOOST range.

These latest additions to its compact Lithium JumpStarter range have an exciting new feature, the ULTRABOOST button, which when pressed delivers enough power to start completely flat batteries, as low as 0.7 of a volt. The jumpstarters in this offering also have a unique design created and engineered by the team at Ring, that sees the charging leads connect on the end, not out of the side like most others in the market, creating a seamless design. There are three jumpstarters in this range, all differing in power and capabilities.

The RJS030 is Ring’s most advanced jumpstarter, the ULTRABOOST 1500A is capable of jumpstarting vehicles with up to 6L petrol and 3L diesel engines, which means it’s suitable for most 12V cars, vans, SUVs and LCVs. The next one in the range is the RJS020 the ULTRABOOST 1000A, which is capable of jumpstarting vehicles with up to 5L petrol and 2L diesel engines. Finally, the RJS010’s ULTRABOOST is capable of 500A for vehicles with up to 3L petrol and 1.5L diesel engines.

All of these jumpstarters are suitable for start/stop batteries and have a unique ergonomic clamp connection, which is equipped with longer cables to improve accessibility for harder-to-reach batteries. Ringtelligence technology for safer vehicle maintenance is included in all three units with the design of the clamps offering reverse polarity, anti-spike and short circuit protection.

There is also an integrated torch that illuminates the work area whilst the LED indicators clearly display the current battery level. Helpfully, there is also a USB-C port to recharge the ULTRABOOST units and to recharge devices, such as tablets and phones. The RJS1020 has the ability with the in-built PD30W charging finction to rapidly recharge mobile devices. Quicker still is the RJS1030 that is equipped with PD60W technology to extremely fast charging. The jumpstarters are all compact and lightweight, making it easy to handle and store within the vehicle, as desired by customers.

SRP: RJS1010 – £74.99

RJS1020 – £89.99

RJS1030 – £109.99

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