Ariel Motor Company will unveil their latest Atom variant at The Performance Car Show on 12-13 January 12-13 at Birmingham’s NEC.

New Ariel Atom 3.5

The new Atom 3.5 features a host of updates, including a boost to 310bhp with the supercharged version of its 2-litre Honda iVTEC K20Z4 engine.

The Atom’s iconic look remains, but with a stiffer chassis, improved balance and traction, while also debuting alongside the new road-going mean machine is the race-ready Ariel Cup, which has been specially designed to compete in Ariel’s new one-make race series, launching in 2013 and visiting tracks such as Silverstone and Brands Hatch.

The More >


All change at The Sammio Motor Company now known Ribble Kits and Classics with the models renamed thus: The Sammio Spyder becomes the Ribble Pilot, with the Cordite known as the Ribble Navigator and the 2CV-based Chevaux now called Pilot CV.

Ribble boss, Andy Powell (no, not the legendary guitarist from Wishbone Ash!) has taken time to do some general refurbishment, and major changes are being carried out to the moulds in that the ‘hump’ is being removed from the basic shell of both models and supplied separately. This enables LHD and ‘double hump’ variants to be built without resorting to More >


Car Builder Solutions has just announced a compact (170mm wide x 228mm deep and 130mm high) new heater system, ideal for meeting IVA requirements and for keeping you toastie during the colder months.

It features a matrix, powerful three-speed fan, all the necessary outlets, witch and wiring and just requires ducting to the car’s interior.

Priced at just £132 inc VAT find out more from or 01580 891 309 ENDS.


The Powerlite range of lightweight alternators are designed to be a direct and easy to fit replacement for the alternator on your classic, kit or competition car. Conversion to single wire aids fitment and most classics and competition cars do not require multiple connections.

Powerlite alternators come in a range of sizes, weights and power options suitable for your needs. For example: A race or sprint application may require a lightweight alternator that draws as little current as possible to avoid sapping valuable horsepower.

A historic race car may be required by the regs. to carry an alternator even though it is More >


Lucas Oil launches its new High Performance Racing Only Oils catalogue at the Autosport International Show, NEC (10-13 January 2013).

The full Lucas Oil Racing Only range now includes NINE different categories of lubricants; from High Performance Plus oils for Top Fuel and Top Alcohol engines, to break in oils, automatic transmission fluids, racing greases and racing gear oils.

Three different versions of the popular Racing Only 20W-50 are available (fully synthetic, semi synthetic and conventional) making the Lucas Oil range a first choice for racing teams across the track, road and off-road racing spectrum.

The Nine categories are:

·      Fully Synthetic High Performance Motor Oil

(SAE 0W-5, 0W-10, 0W-20, 0-W30, 10W30 and 20W-50)

·      Top Fuel & More >


Wiltshire-based M-Tech Automotive has just launched their ignition-only standalone ECU that provides wasted-spark upgrades from traditional distributor-based systems to ignition management for carburettor converted engines that don’t feature distributors.

The Nodiz PRO unit, costs £298.80 inc VAT, and has built-in Bluetooth™ connectivity to the android platform with onboard coil drivers negating the need for separate EDIS modules. A digital dashboard with full tuning software is being developed.

More information from or 01373 303 033 ENDS.


With ever increasing engine performance and torque outputs, modern clutches have to be stronger but drivers do not want increased pedal pressure. The self-adjusting clutch (SAC) achieves this, with much increased clutch clamping force but low release force.

The design however, needs specialist service tools when removing or replacing the clutch components.

The Laser Self Adjusting Clutch compressor kit (part no: 4845) is a specialist set of tools for compressing the self-adjusting clutches on Audi, BMW, Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Vauxhall and Volvo models. It maintains true alignment with the drive bearing during installation, and the set includes clamping tools for three-hole More >


Very much looking forward to sampling the new MEVSTER the latest product from the prolific pencil of Stuart Mills and Mills Extreme Vehicles.

New MEVSTER based on Mazda MX-5

Following his liking for the Mazda MX-5, the MEVSTER retains the donor’s running gear, using lots of it, thus offering an affordable build price and superb performance. With the MX-5 weighing a pie-swerving 985kg the MEV comes in at just 665kg and in addition to the engine and gearbox, it utilises standard suspension, steering, driveshafts and wiring loom plus a host of other, oft expensive, fiddly sundry items.

What is really cool is that More >

Extra Flexible XtraFlex

Leading silicone hose suppliers, Samcosport, has recently added a new product to their superb range in the form of XtraFlex, which is a three-ply polyester-reinforced silicone hose with a wire helix structure buried within the hose that gives amazing flexibility and performance and can withstand temperatures up to 180-degrees C (356-degrees F).

XtraFlex comes as standard in one metre straight lengths (others available on request) with a large selection of bore sizes from ¼in (XFL 6.5 – £27.94 inc VAT to 2in (XFL51 – £74.86 inc VAT0 and all points in-between.

Standard colour is blue, with optional red, bright green, yellow, purple, More >


Mac Tools has launched a new head-torch with a motion-sensor operated on/off switch and a new pen light with adjustable focus.

Limited light can be a problem for mechanics and technicians working in enclosed areas on vehicles and machinery as well as when working outdoors during the colder months. To help address this issue, Mac Tools offers two new lights: a robust, pocket-sized pen light and a  cleverly designed ‘headlamp’.

The headlamp (FL577) features a bright white LED rated to 100 lumens, which is designed to last for up 100,000 hours of continuous use. A low-profile anodised aluminium bezel provides maximum corrosion-resistance More >