Go Pro has fast become the standard in activity video and will soon be the method we’ll be using on the tkc mag YouTube channel, when we start bringing you video features on the website and also as part of our digital magazine package.

Burton Power has become a leading Go Pro distributor offering cameras from £194.99-£350.99 inc. VAT.

Of course, Burton Power stocks more than just the GoPro cameras as they also offer a wide range of accessories tailored to suit the specialised needs of the motorsport world.

They stock everything from roll-bar mounts to suction cups for the exterior and a More >


CödeClean, makers of premium car care products, has announced their unique and highly anticipated, Ultra Fine Polish.

This paint cleanser, three-years in the making, incorporates a moderate level of fine abrasives. Ingeniously though, as the polish is used (preferably by machine), the abrasive particles within the compound break down into increasingly smaller elements, giving a finer polishing action the longer you use it.

These clever active ingredients mean customers are only required to purchase one polish, as opposed to a selection of different polishing cutting compounds and can tackle even the most difficult paintwork with just a single application, thus saving time, More >


Powerflex has offered a 20mm diameter front anti-roll bar bush kit for the Mazda MX-5 for some time (PFF36-105-20), but now they making a larger 22mm version (PFF36-105-22), which is suitable for the Mazda MX-5 Mm1 (1989-1998) and Mk2 (1998-2005).

The bush features the unique Powerflex grease retaining pattern in the bore of the bush that helps achieve a smoother rotation of the anti-roll bar thus aiding its operation.

The new bush kit retails at £13.80 inc. VAT with a track-orientated version available within the Powerflex Black series.

For further details visit www.powerflex.co.uk ENDS.


Here’s a great idea that was originally developed for the turbo market but is now finding favour in other branches of racing, tuning and engineering.

DEI’s Gasket Solution is a grey anaerobic paste that seals metal-to-metal gaps up to .005in ( 0.1mm) in size and provides resistance to low pressures immediately after assembly of flanges. After curing, it is able to withstand high temperatures, high pressure, vibration and moisture.

Formulated to provide excellent adhesion to steel, the most common applications include head to exhaust manifold, manifold to turbine housing, manifold to wastegate, and turbine housing to downpipe. Other form-in-place gasket applications can More >


Euro Car Parts has introduced a new range of Eicher brake pads, which are 100 per cent made in Britain and manufactured by TMD Friction.

TMD is the world’s largest manufacturer of original equipment (OE) brake friction material for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, producing over one million friction products each day and the complete range of Eicher brake pads will be made at TMD’s state-of-the-art aftermarket facility in Kilmarnock, Scotland, and supplied exclusively to Euro Car Parts.

All pads are fully R90 approved and comply with Block Exemption regulations and the initial range of 479 part numbers covers 97 per cent More >


Tribute Kobra - Nubodi's tasteful BMW Z3 demonstrator. This car is for sale if you fancy it...

Popped over to the Berkshire HQ of new company, NuBodi Automotive, a company run by petrolhead and kitcar fanatic, Richard Bird, who estimates that he’s owned over 100 of various types and flavours.

Among their activities they act as agents for Tribute Automotive and handle kit sales and also offer full builds. Any stage of build, really. They are busy with the Kobra model in particular at the moment, which really seems to have hit the spot.

Cobra purists might throw their hands up in horror More >


Suffolk-based AB Performance, run by Andy Bates is well-known for their bike engine expertise, preparation skills and a fine range of universal motorsport parts.

They also offer the G2 Sabre kit package, a pretty mid-engined LM-style car that is extremely pleasing on the eye, feature a very advanced laser cut spaceframe chassis, which is a thing of real beauty.

Joining it on the AB pricelists is the Arion, a front-engined kit obviously aimed at track-use although can be used on road according to Andy. It’s been designed to accept Honda Fireblade although other bike engines can be used.

To these eyes it’s a More >


Nestled in the leafy Surrey suburbs of Weybridge, a wealth of engineering experience is housed at the premises of F.G. Motorsport who pride themselves on the products they manufacture for the F1, automotive, motorcycle and marine industries.

Flying the ‘Made in England’ flag and specialising in gear cutting, splines, keyways, torsion bars and driveshafts, the company works hard, forging long-term relationships with a diverse range of customers and has established itself with a reputation not only  for the quality of their workmanship but a fast turnaround.

With over thirty years of experience in gear cutting and precision engineering, FG’s Rory Creaner commented: More >


Someone sent me some info on what is one of the most innovative devices I’ve seen for ages. It’s called the Veloschmitt, fusion of the Messerschmitt Kabinroller microcar from the fifties and the nation’s new found love of taking to a bicycle…

It pays homage to the work of Fritz Fend and Professor Willi Messerschmitt and is the work of German designers Adflinger and Zimmermann, featuring a lightweight GRP take on the theme that uses electrically-assisted pedal power in the form of the Veloschmitt KR E-250 complete with LiFe PO4 battery, which costs €5900 with a two-seater at €6900 plus a More >


XCP™ GREEN ONE™, a bio-based lubricating and maintenance spray, is now available across the UK.

With zero reliance on crude oil ingredients, XCP GREEN ONE is the UK’s first widely available high-performance spray made from 99 per cent bio-based materials.

Because it doesn’t use ingredients derived from crude oil, XCP GREEN ONE is bio-degradable, renewable and sustainable as well as much safer and cleaner to use around the house and outdoors. XCP GREEN ONE also ticks the flammability box and will only start to burn at around 176°C, while other, more traditional brands can ignite at just 40°C.

XCP GREEN ONE hit B&Q More >