DEI’s new Motorcycle Leg Shield is designed to prevent leg burns from hot exhausts, thus keeping riders safe and pain-free (these will be good for kitcars with side-exiting exhausts, of course).

The universal sized 8in x10in shields feature a heavy-duty outer shell with an insulated inner layer. They slip on and off easily and are made to last.

DEI’s Motorcycle Leg Shields simply go around the leg and fasten with easy-to-use hook-and-loop straps. They are fully adjustable and large enough to fit over leathers and riding gear. They are ideal for road use but are tough enough for the most extreme riding environments such as motocross, off-road and speedway.

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DEI’s Motorcycle Leg Shield can be ordered directly from at
£43.82 plus import tax and shipping.

Alternatively, in Europe, they can be ordered through Demon Tweaks ENDS.