Meet Eden and Bliss, possibly, in my view two of the nicest air fresheners and odour eliminators known to man. They come from the good folk at Angelwax and although devised primarily for car use and also for sorting out stinky carpets and the like, I’ve been liberally spraying them about the garage and the house.

Both are really pleasant, and I don’t have a favourite. The fragrance lasts a long time which is good although bizarrely it’s normally those horrible, acrid ones that don’t go away!

Bliss features a black plum and is inspired by a candle in Angelwax’s Annie Lane candles range, while Bliss is a mix of watermelon, mango and passionfruit.

I like them because they don’t smell like those chemical-laden aerosol spray air fresheners they come in a 300ml pump spray.

Both are available for £13.96 from or to find out more and find out about Angelwax products visit ENDS.