Your vehicle’s cooling system really has to work hard. Everything’s fine when the system is new and the radiator core tubes are clean and free-flowing, but over time these very thin tubes can become contaminated and clogged. Introducing the new cooling system flusher from Laser Tools (part number 7686).

It’s the traditional method of radiator flushing using clean water, but now with the added power of the workshop compressed air supply. Connect up to a suitable hose or port on the vehicle radiator; attach the water hose and the compressed air supply to the tool and you’re ready to go. Press the trigger and you have full blast pressure flushing.

The flusher features five common pipe size connections from 19mm up to 40mm. The trigger clip lets you leave it connected for a few minutes to clean clogged up systems or to remove contaminated coolant after a head gasket change. Suitable for modern cooling systems and a must for the classic car workshop.

The 7686 cooling system flusher is available now from your Laser Tools stockist and typically priced at £56.23 inc VAT. Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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