Gemzoe Motorsport may be a new name in the kitcar world but MD, Dave Gemzoe has a very solid background in engine building having spent a period working for Mathwall.

In recent years he’s been building special Crossflows and the like mainly for use by Caterham customers looking for a bit of tuning or an engine transplant for their Sevens.

Dave has recently come up with an EcoBoost package that has been finding favour with Caterham owners although it can just as easily be used in other Lotus Seven-inspired sportscars.

Based on a 1.6-litre EcoBoost with an SCS Delta GDi4 ECU conducting operations power is around the 300bhp mark and Dave can pretty much offer a ‘drive-in; drive-out’ service and it really is quite a work of art.

Merely writing ‘Gemzoe can offer a 300bhp Ford EcoBoost conversion’ is a bit simplistic and underplaying the beauty – not to mention effort – of what Dave has created.

Gemzoe can also sell you EcoBoost spare parts, have a rolling road, can offer chassis set-up and machining and fabrication services.

For more information call them on 07884 432 125 or visit ENDS.