Another rare leather cleaner that actually smells like leather. Might sound churlish o say that but to me if it smells like leather it’s a pretty good start.

I tried Zirconite’s Leather Cleaner on the vile leather on a friend’s Jaguar XJ40 and it definitely did what some other cleaners haven’t managed – clean his seats, visibly lifting crud and dirt. Zirconite’s range is rightly winning lots of friends.

Left no residue or greasy feel, either. A 500ml bottle costs £14.95.

Available now from ENDS.


MINIFIN non-spacered die-cast alloy brake drums from Mini Spares are the ideal way to upgrade a classic Mini’s braking system or a kitcar based on the same.

The lightweight alloy material reduces unsprung weight and the finned design dissipates heat quicker than OE drums; this in turn helps to reduce brake fade.

Order as part number MINIFIN at £83.52 per pair including VAT. Also available – spacered diecast alloy brake drums. Order as: MINIFINS at £86.40 per pair.

For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.


Superchargers can significantly increase the power of your GM Gen III, IV, or V engine. That is, right up until the harmonic damper slips on the end of the crankshaft due to the increased drag from turning the supercharger pulley.

Summit Racing’s LS Damper Pin Kit has everything needed to pin your harmonic damper to the crankshaft to end slipping once and for all. The kit includes a steel drill sleeve fixture to accurately drill two holes in the damper and crank snout with the included six-inch cobalt drill bit. Also included is a tool hold-down bolt and four 1/4-inch diameter More >


Raceline has been at the forefront of performance Ford engines for many years and the company has supplied many complete units and upgrade parts to kitcar enthusiasts.

Their Zetec-R unit has proven popular and it’s now joined by a Duratec-R version based around either 2- or 2.5-litre versions.

Crikey, a Raceline Duratec-R will give this Elan hilarious performance

The 2-litre is available in 185bhp, 210bhp, 250bhp and 280bhp variants with a 2.5-litre available in the following strengths – 175bhp, 210bhp, 270bhp and 300bhp.

Raceline also sells a whole raft of performance parts for the Duratec engine including their renowned water rail (very popular with More >


The royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and usability of the company’s car care treatments – from refining existing products to curating complete kits for specific purposes.

Leather Clean & Protect falls into the latter category, being a combination product that contains everything an enthusiast will need to clean and protect the leather surfaces of their car, all at a price that represents a significant saving over purchasing the products individually.

Autoglym Leather Clean & Protect – Complete Kit

  • Deep cleans and freshens automotive leather upholstery
  • Contents: 1x Leather Cleaner (500ml), 1x Leather Care Balm (500ml), 1x Hi-Tech

Aqua-Dry, 1x More >


New from Car Builder Solutions is this incredibly handy Hole deburring tool. Coming in at 160mm long with a comfortable grip handle it can be used on plastics, aluminium, wood and steel.

10mm to 33mm hole deburring/enlarging tool (part number #LHDEB) costs £10.80 and is available now via or by calling 01580 891 309 ENDS.


Your vehicle’s cooling system really has to work hard. Everything’s fine when the system is new and the radiator core tubes are clean and free-flowing, but over time these very thin tubes can become contaminated and clogged. Introducing the new cooling system flusher from Laser Tools (part number 7686).

It’s the traditional method of radiator flushing using clean water, but now with the added power of the workshop compressed air supply. Connect up to a suitable hose or port on the vehicle radiator; attach the water hose and the compressed air supply to the tool and you’re ready to go. Press More >


Is your garage or workshop in a state of unorganised chaos? Do you always lose that go-to tool when you need it most?

Thankfully Machine Mart has just the answer with their extensive selection of storage solutions!  They’ve got options to suit every space and every budget, whether you’re a keen DIY-er in your garden shed, or someone who works in a professional garage.

Machine Mart stocks a huge range of Clarke Tool Chests and Cabinets. Both tool chests and cabinets can be sold separately, though they are also designed to be combined to provide you with an ultimate storage unit.

Our tool More >


Pressure washer kings Kärcher has now launched their own range of car care products with Wow Rim Cleaner being one of the range.

The wheel cleaner smells very bleachy but changes colour when it contacts with dirt and crud. A well good trigger and it gave an excellent result on the hard-to-clean alloys on my VW Golf.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £15.29 although shop around as there appears to be plenty of deals on this product out there.

More from ENDS.


Great British Sportscars has unveiled an exciting new arrival this week in the shape of the Low Carbon 4WD EV Sportscar.

The GBS team, led by Richard Hall, have been working behind the scenes on this one for the past few years.

A collaboration with two other partner companies the brief called for an all-new low-carbon supercar, with the project focused on a zero-emission, high-performance supercar for low-volume production.

The project has been supported by Innovative UK whose involvement has been a key part in the GBS journey towards EV zero emissions, collaborative R&D nature of the project has allowed GBS as a More >