Mini Sport, the leading provider of premium Mini accessories has announced the launch of two ground-breaking security products designed to protect your classic Mini or Mini-based kitcar like never before: the Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss and the Swivel Lock Cover.

In collaboration with industry experts, Mini Sport has developed these innovative solutions to address the growing concern of vehicle theft. The Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss combines a powerful visual deterrent with straightforward installation, ensuring that your Mini remains secure. Upgrade your steering wheel to experience enhanced protection and peace of mind.

For added security, Mini Sport presents the Swivel Lock Cover, specifically crafted to be used in conjunction with the Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss. This robust cover creates an impenetrable barrier against unauthorised access, deterring potential thieves with its eye-catching orange finish. Your classic Mini deserves nothing but the best in security, and Mini Sport delivers.

“At Mini Sport, we’re dedicated to providing Mini owners with exceptional products that enhance their driving experience. Our collaboration with industry leaders has resulted in security solutions that exceed expectations,” said Jonathan Harper, Director at Mini Sport.

Discover the Mini Sport difference and protect your classic Mini from theft. Visit our website to explore the Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss, Swivel Lock Cover, and other top-quality accessories ENDS.