Many stainless-steel braided hoses come in AN (Army & Navy) sizes so heat protection specialist DEI is now producing its popular Heat Shroud™ Kits in AN sizes.

Unwanted heat from engines, turbos and exhausts can damage fuel lines, hoses and wires. DEI Heat Shroud protects them without the need to disconnect the parts to wrap them. DEI Heat Shroud reflects 90 per cent of radiant heat and will resist temperatures of up to 260°C (500°F).

DEI Heat Shroud is made from a high-temperature-rated glass-fibre fabric with an aluminised outer layer. (It is the same as DEI Heat Sheath but with the added convenience More >


New from Connect Workshop Consumables is this pack of ten cable-routing clips (part number 36642), that feature a swivelling plastic C-clip mounted on the cable tie and is designed for clipping hoses and pipes to electrical looms, chassis rails, pipework, etc. Designed to ensure the safe and secure routing of pipes and wiring by clipping them onto other fixed cables or structural fixings. The C-clip allows the pipe or wiring to be removed and refitted without cutting the cable tie.

Offers a very convenient and professional solution to routing additional wiring spurs or small-bore pipework in the engine bay or under More >


Caterham has revealed EV Seven – its technology development concept for a future fully electric Seven.

The concept will test the feasibility of a lightweight electric Seven and enable Caterham to move a step closer to bringing a battery electric model to market that is as driver-focused as its petrol counterpart.

EV Seven is being engineered in collaboration with Swindon Powertrain Ltd – a leader in the development of advanced and ultra-robust powertrains for both road and motorsport applications. EV Seven is based on the larger Seven chassis and features a bespoke version of Swindon Powertrain’s E Axle, combined with an immersion-cooled More >


Summit Racing™ Megasquirt Engine Management Combos give you the flexibility to precisely tune your engine from startup to wide-open throttle at a very affordable price. The combos are based on the DIYAutoTune Megasquirt Gen 2 Engine Management System. It’s a standalone system that is a fully plug-and-play replacement for the factory ECU with no additional wiring required for basic operation. It has a preloaded base map to get your engine up and running, ready for additional tuning.

Basic Tuning Features • Real-time tuning and datalogging with a laptop connection • 16 x 16 fuel tables allow high-resolution tuning • 12 x 12 ignition More >


Move around the garage or workshop in comfort and in style with this new Clarke mechanic’s seat, from Machine Mart, complete with handy tool rack!

This compact and lightweight mobile seat and tool rack solution makes tasks a whole lot easier, allowing you to sit while you work with your tools close at hand to help tackle the job.

Another benefit of the CMSTRT is that the seat can be easily removed to allow you to use it for kneeling!

As well as the easy-to-reach tool rack, this seat has also been designed with a convenient storage tray underneath.

Finally, the CMSTRT is fitted More >


With drivers at the forefront of the development process, Ring has launched a new cordless tyre inflator.

To complement its cordless tyre inflator range, lighting and accessory giant, Ring, has introduced the RTC4000 to fill a gap in the market for a compact, yet powerful and high-quality cordless tyre inflator for cars and motorbikes.

The RTC4000 is easily chargeable via a USB Type C cable or 12V DC cable and is quick to inflate a tyre, even from flat, making this product an easy sell for retailers and reassures drivers if they go back to their vehicle and the tyre is flat, More >


Car care maestros, Gtechniq has announced the launch of EXOv5 Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating for automotive paint.

The development of the latest version of EXO has been extensive and has taken over two years. EXOv5 utilises the latest in composite siloxane technology that when applied to paint delivers incredible dirt and water repellency that lasts more than eighteen months.

Gtechniq’s in-house laboratory took over 26,000 water contact angle measurements, 4200 gloss measurements and 750 application assessments to ensure that the product worked in any country and any climate.

To validate Gtechniq’s internal testing, they worked with a well-known university that specialises in material More >


A unique piece of BMC history – a restored ‘skeleton’ example of the Austin 1100 Countryman – is now on display at Great British Car Journey.

The Austin 1100 ‘skeleton’ car has been lent to the award-winning Derbyshire-based classic car museum by The 1100 Club.

The skeleton body of the unique vehicle is designed to show the electric motors which control the movement of front and rear seats, demonstrating the car’s carrying capacity to its full extent.

The arrival at Great British Car Journey follows the end of an eight-year search by the club for a new home for the car following the More >


There was me thinking that a vacuum cleaner was a vacuum cleaner. Wrong. The missus recently got a VAX Blade 4 Dual Pet & Car cordless vacuum and I have to say it is brilliant.

I initially felt it expensive at a penny under 370 quid but you can find deals around if you search and you also get a handy attachment ‘toolkit’ worth over £50. This includes a mini-motorised pet hair tool, and a handy flexible hose

Very cool that you also get two 4Ah battery packs – or what VAX describes as their ONEPWR system – meaning they fit other More >


New from automotive goodies maestros, Car Builder Solutions is this new Universal Air Conditioning Unit, which is an all-in-one version of their existing #AIRCON2 unit.

The front facia incorporates built-in temperature and fan speed controls, two 50mm diameter, swivelling, chrome ‘eyeball’ vents and two, 95mm x 45mm rotating vents with rocking vanes.

The unit can be mounted directly under your dash with everything within easy reach and with much-simplified installation. All other specifications are the same as #AIRCON2.

Size 410mm x 360mm x 160mm.

Straightforward installation with detailed instructions. It has a cooling capacity of 10,800 BTU with a maximum airflow of 200 cfm.

The Universal More >

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