If your vehicle’s electrical load exceeds the amperage capacity of your alternator, you’re asking for trouble. The extra amperage draw created by a high-power audio system, race electronics, lighting, etc. can cause an electrical system to literally melt from the inside out.

Powermaster has a pretty simple method for choosing the right-size alternator for your vehicle:
• Make a list of your vehicle’s electrical components/accessories
• Determine the amperage draw for each and add them together to determine the total draw/load
• Select an alternator that delivers more amperage at idle than the total system draw

Once you know how many alternators you need, Summit Racing has a Powermaster alternator to do the job, including:

Alternators are available in capacities ranging from 70-amps to a whopping 240-amps. Most can be set up for one-wire operation and come with a pulley for a serpentine or V-belt accessory drive system depending on the application.   

High-Amp Alternators can handle modern electrical systems with accessories like winches, aftermarket lighting, and air suspension. The alternators feature hand-wound, custom-designed stators; heavy-duty regulators and rectifiers; and a gold-plated battery post for better electrical connections digitally controlled regulating system that can handle voltage-sensitive ignition systems and lithium batteries.

The alternators can adjust output in milliseconds, and the voltage can be adjusted between 13.5 and 18.5 volts to work with 12- or 16-volt electrical systems.

Summit Racing also carries Powermaster PowerGEN alternators that offer modern performance in a classic generator-style case; Smooth-Look alternators with sharp lines and edges smoothed and blended for a custom look; diesel and marine alternators; and alternator kits for racing.