Manufacturer of the SU Carb, Burlen Fuel Systems has introduced a new range of StayUp® Floats for the carburettors it services. The old plastic-type ones can become brittle over time and the introduction of E10 fuel could really cause them problems.

The StayUp® Floats, on the other hand, are resistant to E10 and produced from military-spec closed-cell plastic that means they are also puncture-proof. This material was specified for military use by the original S.U. Carburettor Company for military applications in the eighties.

Prices vary depending on the carburettor but you can find out more by calling 01722 412 500 or visit More >


The standard plastic saddle clip between the gearlever and selector shaft on Ford Type 9 Five Speed and Type E Four Speed gearboxes has an unfortunate habit of wearing quickly and can, in some cases, break.

Burton Power now has the solution in the form of a UK manufactured GRP injection moulded saddle clip which is extremely tough and will easily outlast the standard plastic ones.

Order as part no. GBT9538 at £15 inc. VAT.

The Ford Type E Rocket four-speed gearbox was also referred to as a ‘Type B’ gearbox. The Ford Type 9 five-speed gearbox, on the other hand, was referred More >


As summer makes way for autumn and winter, the royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym would like to remind drivers of the importance of keeping their vehicle’s windows and lights clean.

As the name suggests, Autoglym Fast Glass is a disarmingly effective product for cleaning all types of automotive windows, whether they are made from traditional glass or plastic substitutes such as acrylic, Perspex or Lexan. The product is similarly ideal for cleaning mirrors, multimedia screens, number plates and light units, while professional detailers also recommend it for removing polish and wax residue from unpainted rubber and plastic trim.

Driving in autumn and winter More >



Winter or summer, you’ll be keeping warm, but you’ll certainly look cool, with these two multifunction unisex snoods from Laser Tools Racing.

The spring/summer snood (part number 8057) is manufactured from a lightweight, highly elastic polyester and can be worn as a scarf, hat, balaclava, headband or face mask. Also ideal for wearing under a motorcycle helmet or cycle helmet to keep the neck and head warm as well as prevent sweat from soaking the lining of the helmet.

The autumn/winter snood (part number 8065) is manufactured from a heavier material to help keep you warm as the nights draw in. Grey More >


Webcon has just released an intake manifold to allow fitment of a single Weber DCOE carburettor or DCOE pattern throttle body to the MG Midget and Triumph Spitfire 1500 engine.

The kit has been manufactured in the UK and contains studs, nuts, soft-mounts and a full Webcon rod throttle linkage system. It can be ordered as part number MW3804, priced at £371.92 inc VAT.

Also available: MW3804 complete with a genuine Spanish 45DCOE carburettor. Order as part number PMG103 priced at £699.30 inc VAT.

Available now via 01932 787 100 or visit ENDS.


Merlin Motorsport has a dedicated GOODRIDGE G-TECH WORKSHOP with all the know-how, proper machinery and equipment to make bespoke brake, clutch, oil and fuel lines, air jacks and vacuum lines very quickly.

For DIY assemblies at home, they stock a vast range of GOODRIDGE UNIONS AND HOSES. If you’ve got a project that they can help you with they encourage you to get in touch.

For use on 600-03 brake and clutch hose, they use these very useful little mandrel tools – an inexpensive way to ease the assembly of Goodridge -3 brake hose and fittings. Visit GOODRIDGE FLARING MANDREL.

The mandrel fits inside the hose, flaring out More >


New soldering machines from Sealey Tools. Model No. SD007 – 300W Hot Air Rework Station with an automatic cooling system has a temperature range between 100-500°C.

It is suitable for de-soldering work on various components such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC and BGA and the MCU confirms fast heat up, accurate and stable control on temperature.

Meanwhile, SD008 is a 48W Soldering Station with rapid heat up. It has a variable temperature control and maintains temperatures between 160-480°C. It comes supplied with a metal soldering iron stand, tip sponge and replaceable tip.

SD006 is a 60w Soldering Station with rapid heat up. It has More >


When installing DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel Shield there will be edges to secure and seams to join which is why DEI has produced its own tape specifically for the job.

DEI’s Black Seaming Tape is ideal for use with its Black Floor & Tunnel Shield for edge and seam sealing. The tape is made with a glassfibre scrim with a durable black finish and backed with a high-temperature resistant adhesive.

DEI’s Black Seaming Tape is made in the USA and works great as a universal black tape it adheres to wood, steel, metal, aluminium, plastic and fibreglass. It has an adhesive More >


Summit Racing reckon that we shouldn’t mess around when we build brake lines, power steering, or even nitrous oxide. They supply Fragola’s 6000 Series PTFE-lined hose.

A spokesperson told me: “They can handle corrosive and high-pressure fluids that can quickly kill ordinary rubber hose, even the stainless braided stuff. PTFE hose also resists higher temperatures than rubber and does not suffer from fuel permeation that will quickly degrade and dry out rubber hose. You can get 6000 Series PTFE-lined stainless hoses with or without a clear or black cover to prevent the stainless braid from scratching or scuffing parts the hose contacts.”

PTFE More >


British Motor Heritage (BMH), the company best known for the manufacture of replacement bodyshells and individual panels for such classic British cars as the Mini and MGB, has now added replacement carpet sets to its already extensive portfolio of parts and accessories.

Having acquired the established brand and related tooling for Concours Carpets from Concours Automotive Products, BMH is now able to provide quality carpet sets for a whole range of classic models, including the most popular 1960s/1970s ones from BMC, Ford, Jaguar, MG and Triumph. Manufactured from proven patterns at the company’s factory in Witney, Oxon, the products are purchasable More >

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