Shift Car Care launches its eco-friendly Waterless Wash

Bringing with it a new approach to the concept of environmentally friendly and economical alternatives to traditional car wash methods, Shift Car Care is pleased to introduce a brand-new range of waterless wash solutions.

The flagship product, Shift Waterless Wash, is an advanced formula, infused with polymer technology to ensure that cleaning paintwork, vinyl, glass, trim and wheels are completely safe and scratch-free. Shift Waterless Wash offers a simple ‘spray-on and wipe-off application and, in addition to fully cleansing surfaces, immediately installs a quartz-based ceramic coating to stop water and road grime from sticking.

With an average car wash using between 75 and 200 litres of freshwater per vehicle, this innovative zero-water solution is not only kinder to the environment, but it cleans, shines and protects all exterior surfaces with a single application.

Priced at £16.99, one 500ml bottle of Shift Waterless Wash contains enough solution to complete up to 20 cars.

Shift Car Care also supplies a full range of accessories to aid the waterless wash process, a selection of cost-effective bundles, and supporting finishing products such as Shift Glass Cleaner and Shift Tyre Dressing.

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