Equilibrium’s Sonic7 is a very impressive kit

Equilibrium Kit Cars has a new owner in the driving seat, as Michael Farrow takes over from Angus and Kate Weijers, who have stepped back from the business to focus on their ever-expanding family.

Mike was in the running to purchase the Sonic 7 design back in 2015 from original designer Stuart Mills of MEV Ltd, but was just pipped at the post by Angus Weijers, who went on to form Equilibrium Kit Cars Ltd.  Enthusiasm for the company’s Sonic 7 undimmed, Mike went on to be Angus’ first buyer of a full kit, and earlier this year when approached by Angus as a potential buyer of the business he was delighted to get another chance to steer the Sonic into the future.

As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Mike is ideally placed for his new role, commenting: “Having fully CAD modelled the vehicle from the ground up and added a number of enhancements during my own build, I probably know the vehicle better than anyone except (and possibly even including) Stuart Mills himself!

“I have over a decade of experience in design, development and testing of a wide range of special-purpose and military vehicles.  My experience of design for manufacturing and productisation will allow me to give the Sonic 7 a beneficial update to modern manufacturing techniques.”

Chassis and metalwork production will be relocated to Cambridge, while bodywork manufacture stays with Phoenix Automotive Developments in Devon. The primary donor vehicle will remain the Mk1 Ford Focus for now, with compatibility for some newer Ford powerplants to follow. All engineering will be done in-house, so “challenges and special requests” will be welcome!

Production is expected to resume towards the end of the year/early next year, and Mike is projecting new bodywork options over time, along with a bolt-in rollcage, purpose-designed bonnet/engine cover hinges, and a custom rear diffusor, to name but a few.

“I have big plans for the business”, says Mike, “and while the immediate future will be all about the Sonic 7, I plan to introduce my own models when time allows.”

Coming soon is a relaunched Equilibrium website and branding, so keep an eye on www.equilibrium-kitcars.co.uk and Equilibrium’s Facebook page for updates.

Due to the recent transition, Equilibrium will not be exhibiting at Stoneleigh this year, in order to focus on completing the new demo vehicle and resuming manufacturing of the Sonic as soon as is possible.