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Tiger HS6

I was talking to Tiger MD, Jim Dudley, recently following the launch of their lovely new all-colour 66-page brochure that is so much more than just a listing of their products, containing a detailed description of each one, along with Tiger Racing history and much more besides. For the record, the Tiger 2015 range is made up of the following models:

Avon – Budget Lotus Seven kit

Avon Widebody

R6 – Successor to the Tiger Super Six

RS6 – Alloy-bodied

ZR6 – Supercharged version of RS6

Aviator – Simon Keys design

GTA – Standalone full-bodied car or retro-fit to Avon

HS6 – Lotus VI replica

ERA 30 Audi

ERA More >


Busy times as usual at Great British Sports Cars with a new range of DCOE-based throttle bodies joining their growing ATR range of upgrade parts, while they have also re-aligned the Zero range, with the standard version available in Ford or Mazda MX-5-based forms and standard and GT (wide body) guises.

There are now three engine choices – Zero Zetec (150- or 175bhp), Zero Duratec 2-litre (160- or 190bhp) and Zero Duratec 2.5 (230bhp) the latter endowing the Zero with a 0-60mph time of around 3.5-seconds.

They now have a variety of options including nine gelcoat colours, paint, strips and bespoke items.

More More >


One of the our – and the industry’s favourite – parts suppliers is Car Builder Solutions and the Staplehurst-based company, run y Matt and Neil Foreman, has just announced the 29th edition of their parts catalogue that this year runs to a stonking 548-pages.

It contains pretty much everything you need to help build your car, enhance your car or maintain your car, packed with essentials and niceties. You can order online, via phone or if you fancy a nice ride out visit them in leafy Staplehurst (Lindridge Lane) where you can get all touchy-feely – opening hours Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and More >


Fans and owners of Mini Marcos, Mini Jem, Kingfisher Sprint, Excelsior, Cortez, Midas anything and what the organisers describe as ‘anything interesting’ are cordially invited to the Euregio Meeting in Leusden in The Netherlands on August.

Visit Facebook and search for ‘Marcos Euregio Meeting 2015’ to find out more ENDS.


Merlin Motorsport has a variety of Cartek products available now including –

CARTEK GT SOLID STATE BATTERY ISOLATOR UNIT – a very small, yet highly reliable alternative to the traditional mechanical master switch. The Cartek Solid State Isolator has been designed to overcome all of the problems and restrictions, which can sometimes be associated with mechanical battery isolator switches – £226.80 inc VAT.

CARTEK GT SOLID STATE BATTERY ISOLATOR KIT – this Cartek GT Battery Isolator kit includes the isolator switch, a waterproof internal button, waterproof external button and safety stickers. The external buttons are available in red or blue – £257.94 inc VAT.



Retro Cars Live is a brand new event for 2015 celebrating the UK’s most iconic classic modified cars and kitcars.

You’ll be able to experience non-stop high-speed track action, with thousands of cars on display and plenty of live features and entertainment to keep you busy all day.

The show brings together the finest club cars from all marques; from Ford, Vauxhall, VW, BMW, Mercedes and more. Expect to see thousands of cars filling every available inch of the paddock, everything from immaculate restored motors to tuned performance classics.

The track will be at the heart of Retro Cars Live with non-stop action More >


Brilliant display as usual from Gardner Douglas. Positively makes you proud. Massively busy place all weekend. Loving the retro package for the GD427 Mk3. Thanks to Meena for the fantastic samosas that I never really had the chance to thank her for. If GD did

Stratos line-up just part of Hawk's large presence at the show.

Not only did Matt Downes re-launch the Stylus at the show, which was great to see, but he put on a superb display.

As usual, Mills Extreme Vehicles, took over one end of Hall 1, putting on a superb display of 'MEV-NESS' (I More >


Sebring International has always been one of the most popular kitcar manufacturers, although have gone very quiet in recent years, with no show appearances or advertising.

Their range of Healey replicas and Healey-inspired sportscars is of very high quality and things have moved on greatly since they first appeared on the UK scene some 25-years ago, when run by Martin Williamson (now Healy Design) and Rodney Rushton, set-up to sell the prolific American kits produced by Classic Roadsters.

A chap called, John Batchelor, came along shortly after they were founded and ended-up in sold control moving the operation from their original Sunbury-on-Thames More >


From racing stripes to coloured alloys or custom bonnets, vehicle customisation has never been easier with Rust-Oleum Peel Coat spray paint, available exclusively at Halfords.

Whether you’re a budding racer or just want to enhance your vehicle, Peel Coat is perfect for custom paintjobs, which look incredible, but can be easily peeled-off without damaging the paintwork underneath.

Rust-Oleum Peel Coat is a versatile spray paint for creating temporary painted details on your kitcar, motorbike, bicycle, helmet or any other painted surface. After layered application, Peel Coat forms a rubberised coating, which can be removed simply by rubbing at its edges and peeling More >


Jenvey Dynamics has launched a new downdraft throttle body kits for the GM LS3 V8, unveiled last weekend at the National Kit Car Motor Show at Stoneleigh. The fast-road and full race set-ups, which provide increased power and throttle response, are lighter in weight than currently available systems.

The modular design also helps provide a solution for engine bays where space is restricted, such as high performance applications. Indeed, and in-car installation of the new CKCT04  LS3 downdraft SFD kit was on show fitted to a GD427.

“Demand in the USA and Europe has driven the introduction of the downdraft SFD kit More >

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