Celsus, the European distributor of Dynamat, has revamped their ‘Dynamini’ with the latest and best in noise control so people can experience the difference.

Dynamat Original, launched in 1989, to reduce noise from automotive structural vibration was a thin, flexible, easy-to-mould sheet using a revolutionary extensional damper technique that converted vibration into silent energy.

Since then, Dynamat has been installed into millions of cars. Although it’s been copied, successive improvements mean today’s Dynamat Xtreme is 25 per cent thinner, 50 per cent lighter and up to five times higher in damping efficiency than Dynamat Original.

At just 1.65mm thick, Dynamat is extremely flexible and can mould to fit any contours. Peel-and-stick fitting is quick and adds very little weight. Dynamat can be trusted to last for the life of the vehicle and to function in all environmental conditions. Even 30 per cent area coverage prevents a panel from resonating, delivering unrivalled results that copy-cat products don’t come close to. Applying to the entire floor or doors creates a complete sound barrier. We used it on our Project OMG (MGF) and it has worked a treat.

“Dynamat will cut road noise by up to 80 per cent” said Celsus MD, Mark Baker. “We’ve refitted the Dynamini ready to get out and actually show this difference – the reaction is usually amazement!

“Dynamat is great on older cars, like the Dynamini, where factory-fitted noise reduction and heat-shielding was so limited. Even car doors shut with that reassuring click, rather than a clang, after Dynamat is fitted.”

Look out for Dynamini at shows throughout 2015, view recent projects by checking out @LesNoyse on Twitter or visit www.dynamat.co.uk to view videos showing the Dynamat difference, buy online, or find your local Dynamat distributor ENDS.