Flat batteries are a pain. They can be due to a lifeless battery, a ‘short’ somewhere or another reason like leaving the lights on. Things get worse when you can’t find an obvious reason for the drain

You can buy a trickle charger – there’s some good ones round – and leave your car connected to the mains, which can be fine if you have a locked garage, but the majority of motorists use on- and off-street parking (especially in London) car parks, and often airports

A great solution that we really have had success with – and undoubtedly an un-discovered gem – is the ‘Battery Brain’, a device that fits on the positive post of the battery, between all the connecting wires and the battery.

The unit measures voltage drop over time and cuts off at 11.8V (stopping any further drain) saving enough power after the re-connect, to start the engine. This also applies to specialist and kitcars, especially when using additional battery power at shows.

The Battery Brain comes in three versions – BB Type 1 with a simple lift the bonnet and re-connect when the unit has been  triggered – ideal for kitcars.

The Battery brain Type 111 or 1V, which operate in the same way as the Type 1 but come with additional anti-theft features so that the battery can be switched off when leaving the vehicle.

There are other versions – ‘Leisure’ that delays cut-off to 10.5-volts when you are watching TV or using other devices in an RV. – 12V and 24V versions and a Heavy Duty model for 2000-amps with an additional flashing cab-light giving a 60-second warning before cut-off occurs.

More information is available via www.batterybrain.co.uk or at the other end of 01675 465 191 ENDS.