The latest MOMO Spider alloy wheel features a dramatic arachnoid-like spoke arrangement with the MOMO ‘Arrow’ centre-cap at its heart as proof of its pedigree.

The Spider comes finished in matt black with diamond cut alloy spokes and is available in 19in or 20in diameters with staggered widths options available. Only five-stud fitments are available.

Prices start at £269.99 inc VAT and to find your nearest MOMO Alloy dealer visit or call 01268 764 411 ENDS.


If you’re looking for the best way to unlock your vehicle’s power reserves then you could do worse than RaceChip Ultimate.

The driving experience is said to be more intense and emotive throughout the rev range with obvious improvements to the power and torque figures.

With premium components, the latest version of the RaceChip optimisation software is specially designed for your car. It comes complete with a comprehensive service package that includes both a two-year engine warranty* and a five-year product warranty.

For more details contact Brown & Geeson Ltd on 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.

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Webcon has announced the introduction of the Weber Marelli PICO type IWP189 Injector.

This is a direct replacement and upgrade for the 480cc/m PICO type IWP069 as fitted to Ducati, Moto Guzzi and many aftermarket applications. The IWP189 features twelve holes for enhanced atomisation, plus an increased flow rate of 510cc/m.

The IWP189 injector can be ordered as Webcon stock code WFI223 priced at £140.47 inc VAT.

All Weber PICO injectors sold by Webcon are genuine Marelli products supplied direct from its factory in Italy. Available now from 01932 787 100 or ENDS.


When you want to give your car’s bodywork a thorough cleanse and wax, it’s important that you remove all traces of old wax and polish from its surface. Lots of IPAs and panel wipes claim to get rid of it, but don’t.

You can always ‘clay’ the surface and that will do the job nicely but can be a bit time consuming. Autobrite Direct’s Wax Off strips off all traces of old polish and wax and a little goes a long way as depending on the levels of crud you can dilute it 10:1.

A word of warning though it shouldn’t be More >


The Peter Stevens-designed Barchetta 595 is a little gem of a kitcar and is soon to return in kit form. We’ve been keeping you updated with developments over the recent months and will have the EXCLUSIVE FIRST ROAD TEST FEATURE in the July/August issue of TKC Mag.

New company, Bespoke Vehicle Developments, has been busy on the re-named 595S, aided by the engineering expertise on the new chassis by Steve Milburn of Speed 3 Automotive and as a result although the footprint is shared with the original and visually you’d find it hard to tell the two apart, under the skin More >


Regular reader of TKC Mag and, Tomasz Ferdek is an enthusiast from Poland who has managed to overcome some real health issues showing incredible strength of character and resolve.

I first met, Tomasz, who hails from Poland at our totalkitcar LIVE event at Brands Hatch in November 2014 when he also told me about the kitcar that he was building with the aim of offering commercially available ‘replica’ kits.

Well, he’s only gone and finished it and what’s more will be proudly showing his ‘Kozmo’ demonstrator at this year’s National Kit Car Motor Show. It features an original design, which is More >


If ever a process was ideally suited to the world of kitcars it has to be 3D printing. Small batch components, or obsolete stuff that’s rarer than a quarter light for a Gordon Keeble.

Brilliant. So, what’s the catch? Well, price. It is still unbelievably expensive. Or is it? Work out the cost of a one-off component that has to be tooled-up for or cast or is completely unobtainable and the cost per unit can be more palatable.

One kitcar manufacturer, Vortex Automotive, run by Chris Greville Smith has really grasped 3D printing and has had some new mirror casings made for More >


Swarfega’s products have been giving a helping hand to the hard workers of our nation, keeping skin in good nick and keeping generations of trades people hard at work for the past 70-years.

To celebrate this milestone, Swarfega has launched a limited-edition range of products, ‘Tough by Swarfega’, designed and built to work as hard as the people it’s made for.

The limited-edition range includes:

Hand cleaner: Swarfega knows a thing or two about getting hands clean without trashing the skin. This handy 250ml tube of hand cleaner is perfect for people on the move, it’s heavy duty and takes no prisoners; grease, More >


There are plenty of companies selling two-stage paint protection systems although I’m sure many of them have a ‘D Holliday’ as their director. Being cynical for a moment, I’d love to know how many new car dealers make a killing on selling a magic coating to their customers and charging up to a Monkey for the privilege.

Fact is that some of these processes do work, but let’s not get silly with price eh? Actually, this real-world solution from Airglide Ltd is a really high-quality product at a pocket-money price.

Their Single Car Paint Protection process is an acrylic polymer-based product applied More >


In 1974 with the introduction of the bigger disc brakes on the 1275 GT, the Mini began to move away from it’s cute little 10in rims, and fitted 145/70 boots, onto 12in wheels, instead.

For some considerable time now, a proper tyre has not been available to compliment the handling of these sporty and fun little cars that are such an endearing part of the British driving culture, not to mention the thousands that have been used as kitcar donors.

The good news is that Michelin has stepped up to the mark and filled the gap with the reintroduction of the perfect More >