Quaife, the renowned manufacturer and supplier of performance transmission solutions, will be unveiling a brand-new sequential gearbox for the Ford Focus RS Mk3 and other FWD applications as part of its presence at MotorsportDays LIVE, which takes place at Silverstone on November 4-5.

The long-established brand will make a welcome return to the show circuit, with an eye-catching stand that does justice to its products and the esteemed venue that is widely regarded as the home of British motorsport.

Quaife will be showcasing two cars that are synonymous with high performance and exhilarating driving dynamics – the Ford Focus RS Mk3 and the Caterham 420R.

Caterham Seven 420R has Quaife QBE60G gearbox

The Quaife Ford Focus RS Mk3 will feature the eagerly anticipated and newly developed QBE46Z gearbox, which lays the foundations for all future Quaife front-wheel drive application sequential conversion gearkits and gearboxes.

Quaife has created innovative advances to its tried and tested FWD gearkit formula. This not only improves the gearshift times but reduces the chance of a miss-shift both up and down the ‘box, providing significant advantages on the track.

Meanwhile, the Caterham Seven 420R has one of the company’s most successful gearboxes installed, the QBE60G. The gearbox is a direct replacement for the popular Ford Type 9 and fits a wide variety of cars with a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout. Meaning loads of kitcars, then.

To date, over 1800 of these gearboxes have been manufactured and installed across a broad range of vehicles and the unit has been race-proven up to 400 bhp.

Also on display will be the QBE69G, which is extremely popular in the most demanding world of drifting and drag racing, having been regularly used in cars that are producing over 1200 bhp.

Both cars also feature the often imitated, but never bettered, Quaife ATB differential, which effortlessly provides superior traction and the effects of which are particularly noticeable in such a light car as the Caterham Seven.

The exciting action formula of MotorsportDays LIVE means that in addition to the company’s static display manned by the Quaife technical team, the company will also have a test team on track to allow a number of visitors to experience their products first-hand.

Alongside Quaife development cars, there will also be a selection of customer and distributor cars fitted with Quaife products.

Quaife will be positioned in Garage 18 at MotorsportDays LIVE.

To register an interest in being taken out on track, please email info@quaife.co.uk.

For more information on Quaife Engineering and its range of products, please visit www.Quaife.co.uk ENDS.