Burton Power has produced a reproduction of the aluminium sump, especially for use on the Ford SOHC Pinto engine. As can be seen from the photograph additional clearance has been provided around the cross member and steering rack.

In the process of reproducing this sump, Burton Power has also redesigned the baffle so that it provides far more protection from oil surge than the original version. The modified baffle has been configured to keep oil surrounding the pick-up at all times, especially under much more extreme conditions than those for which the original sump was created.
The new Burton Power sump features a one-way gate that allows oil movement towards the pickup pipe but not away from it.

The kit includes: a sump pan, baffle, sump mounting bolts, drain plug and washer. Order as part number FT655K at £289.90 inc VAT.

An RS2000 pickup pipe (part number FT651) and a dipstick and tube (part number FT653) will be required – also available from Burton Power.

For further details call them on 0208 554 2281 or visit www.burtonpower.com ENDS.