New AIO (All-in-One) from Britemax is a high-tech, user-friendly polish formulated with the latest scientifically engineered polymers and waxes and can be used as a one-step cleaner or as a second-step on aged paint that has been pre-cleaned.

It can be applied by hand or by a machine application and lightly cleans clear coats, removes irritating swirl marks, light oxidation and leaves a glossy protective finish on the vehicle’s body.

I tried it on the totalkitcar BMW X5 workhorse that was badly in need of a clean-up and managed to get a really good easy-on;easy-off finish in ten minutes, between showers and More >


The mantra of engine care guru STP, focused on maximising engine and fuel efficiency, takes on a new dimension with the launch of the latest generation Complete Fuel System Cleaner.

The most advanced fuel additive available is stronger, better and more efficient than its predecessor and is specially formulated to clean the entire fuel system, with the emphasis on all fuel delivery components and all combustion areas.

The maker’s say that by simply adding a 400ml bottle of STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner to a full tank of fuel every 4000 miles helps restore the vehicle’s fuel system to optimum operating condition More >


Popped along to AK Sportscars’ open house event last Sunday, held at their factory in Peterborough and was impressed with the turnout of owners, general enthusiasts and potential customers with a bank of AKs being used for test drives all day. Speaking to AK honcho, Jon Freeman, he told me that over 40 such demos were given on the day…

A good day was had by ALL – Here’s some photos from the event…


Leighton Norris (left) and Paul Holmes of Road Track Race now offer their customers (and those of MEV) a cool IVA Completion Service

A new ‘IVA Completion Service’ from Road Track Race could be just the ticket for owners of the many MEV/RTR models currently being built around the UK.

The company takes care of all the necessary for you, carrying-out a pre-IVA inspection, undertaking any corrections and will even deliver the car to their local IVA test centre (Nottingham) on your behalf.

Road Track Race has their own MoT-spec brake testing machine, which means that they can make adjustments in this tricky More >


As a devotee of the art of car detailing, I think I may have found the perfect event – WAXSTOCK…

While there are plenty of car shows dedicated to everything from classics to racecars, there’s never been a UK event dedicated to car care – until now.

Waxstock, the UK’s first ever car care event is inspired by Woodstock, the world’s most famous music festival, and has been organised by Detailing World, Zaino Europe, Meguiars UK and Dodo Juice on behalf of the car care industry.

Waxstock will be part show, part festival and ‘all’ car care. It’s an event for the general More >


The cunningly clever Vapor digital dashboard is now stocked by Europa Specialist Spares and it really is very attractive for kitcar owners as it is diminutive in size and displays rpm (up to 20,000rpm), speed, temperature, odometer and even a time read-out.

You can also programme shiftlights to suit your application, while the Vapor unit comes with mounting paraphernalia, a speed sensor and can be yours for just £127.50 inc VAT in black or silver.

More information from or 01283 815 609 ENDS.


New from Britemax, the UK-owned, American car care brand, is Vantage, a new premium hard wax containing top-grade Brazilian carnauba that is suitable for all types of paint finishes and colours and is ideal for enthusiasts who require and enjoy a protective, high-gloss finish.

The easy-on; easy-off product contains number one grade, Brazilian carnauba combined with specially-engineered polymers that give a pleasing ‘wet’ look to your vehicle’s paintwork along with good durability (up to 16-weeks) and can be used as a finishing wax as a top-coat.

Vantage has a recommended retail price of £39.95 and is available from ENDS.

More >


Wrapping a car’s body has long been popular within the modified car world and thanks to the work and quality products of Tamworth-based, Grafityp it looks like being a good area for kitcar owners, too.

Grafityp’s automotive films enable you to choose a creative and even personal design for your car’s body, ideal if you want to promote your company, for example, while they can just as well supply a plain film, if you prefer for sticking on your Ultima, Cobra replica or whatever.

Finishes are myriad from carbon-look, to mirror, to leather, brushed aluminium and even stripes that change colour More >


Jump-leads are an essential piece of kit although they can be a right royal pain bouncing around the boot, getting hooked-up on shopping bags and other boot detritus.

However, this new set from GYS might be especially attractive as they feature built-in LEDs to make them much easier to use in the dark and prevent you sticking positive to negative by mistake (we’ve all done that on a cold, dark night!) and have a little internal battery to power the LEDs operated by a small switch.

Available in 3m 300-amps or 3.5m, 500amp versions…

They retail at £24.72 and are available from or More >


Although possibly more pertinent for classic car enthusiasts, Metal Rescue™ is going to be of real interest to our readers.

It’s a safe and clean solution for removing rust from iron and steel and the makers claim it will take rust off the most heavily corroded components but won’t damage your skin.

Once applied and allowed to soak in to do its thing, you just need to rinse and dry with no scrubbing, dipping or brushing required with just a soak needed for it to get working.

Metal Rescue™ costs £29.95 (US gallon) and is available from ENDS.

More >