The latest Aeroflow surge tank with twin fuel pumps is capable of handling surge free fuel for high performance 1000+ BHP vehicles.

The 2.5-litre spun alloy Surge Tank Kit is not only great quality, it’s also great value for money.

The anodised black finish will resist corrosive fuels such as alcohol, ethanol (E85) and methanol. The kit comes with all the necessary adapters to connect the two Bosch fuel pumps (0580254044) to the dual bottom outlets on the tank.

Both pumps are held in a dual EFi aluminium fuel pump bracket that comes with rubber inserts that surround the pumps and dampen any vibrations.

Two CNC machined EFi fuel pump check valves come supplied with both Buna-N and EPR O-rings to hold line pressure and prevent back-flow which can damage the pumps and significantly reduce their lifespan. The O-rings are suitable for use with nitro blended fuels.

The two check valves are linked to a billet Y-block to provide a single -10 ORB female outlet. They have a retail price of £549.99 inc VAT.

Available from www.b-gdirect.comor at the other end of  01268 764 411 ENDS.