Here’s a cracking product from Squire Padlocks called GA4 Garage Defender. A two-part product it features a base plate that attaches to the ground, in front of your garage door that a larger steel piece slots on top before being locked into place. It will take a padlock for optimal security.

It provides a cost-effective physical barrier to chancers forcing open an up-and-over garage door. The product has gained a Sold Secure Bronze Classification. A bargain at £103.18 inc VAT from www.squirepadlocks.co.uk ENDS.


Webcon has announced the release of its long-awaited manifold and linkage set to allow fitment of three Weber 40DCOE carburettors to the Triumph GT6 engine.

The new kit features stepped manifolds to clear the sloping bonnet on the GT6. The manifolds are designed, cast and manufactured in the UK to Webcon’s exacting quality standards and the set also includes a marine-grade stainless rod linkage system to ensure a smooth, accurate set-up and operational longevity.

The inlet manifold set and linkage can be ordered as part number MW0091 at £535.50 inc


Alternatively, the manifold set and linkage can also be ordered as a complete More >


An interesting piece for owners of Boxster-based body conversion kits, perhaps.

Although it was launched over twenty years ago the Porsche Boxster ‘S’ 3.2-litre 986 is still a great handling and highly desirable sports car. However, it’s quite easy to improve things even further with a GAZ Gold suspension kit.

The Gaz Gold units are both height and damper rate adjustable. Ride height is adjustable through 80mm of adjustment.

The height adjusters have a coarse acme form thread for ease of adjustment and the damper units are black zinc plated to ensure that they remain in good order even after considerable service.

Damper rates More >


This new set of impact-quality drivers from Laser Tools (part number 8286) is specifically designed for the fixings used in disc and drum brakes. The set of five drivers includes hex (5mm, 6mm) and Torx® (T30, T40, and T50), which suit the most commonly used fixings used in these brake installations. These 40mm deep drivers are 3/8in drive and manufactured from chrome vanadium alloy steel for strength and black phosphate coated for corrosion resistance.

They make sure you’re fully prepared for brake system servicing with these brake fixing screw master sets from Connect Workshop Consumables: set number 34159 includes M10 and M12 screws (40 More >


Sealey Tools has launched their Christmas Promotion – yes, it is that time of year again!

Each one of the 64-pages of this promotion is packed full of deals, with savings of up to 59 per cent off the list price! Pay particular attention to Sealey’s SS12710D – 270L Low Noise Screw Air Compressor 10hp 3ph with Dryer where you can save nearly £1500! 

There are also 111 new products featured, including a new range of Fully Automatic 12V Battery Chargers, enabling the recovery, and charging of a completely discharged battery, with the added bonus of a two-year guarantee.

View the full range More >


Know anyone who needs to leave the house by car first thing in the morning but who might be at risk due to drinking alcohol the night before?

Of course, we all like to think that everyone we know, including ourselves, are sensible and would never drink and drive especially when feeling hungover – but what if we didn’t have a hangover and didn’t know that we were doing just that without being aware of it?

At Christmas with alcohol consumption so much higher, everyone needs to make absolutely sure that they don’t risk their licence, their life or the lives of others More >


After a year off for obvious reasons, it’s nearly time for the eleventh annual running of the Heritage Parts Centre Santa Cruise, in aid of The Children’s Trust.

Scheduled for Sunday, December 12, this fantastic festive fundraiser is ideal for enthusiasts who like to have a bit of fun, and not take things too seriously.

In exchange for £20, you’ll be handed a pair of Santa suits, a sticker and a map. While the convoy won’t be able to drive to Tadworth this year as the children are staying in isolation, B Road Hunting Club, based just outside Lewes will act as More >


Great to hear that the Impreza-based Murtaya is about to make a return to the kitcar scene. After being away for several years it’s now under the control of Subaru expert and boss of Scoobybits, Jason MacDonald at his base in Cornwall.

The car was recently re-launched at the Watergate Sprint event in Newquay and Jason is very enthusiastic about the future. Scoobybits are already a one-stop destination for Impreza owners so it’s a logical step for the company to also encompass the Murtaya.

Jason told me: “Lots of people get very excited about building their own car but can get confused More >


MR2-based SPR2 takes shape

Very privileged to get a sneak peek at the new SPR2 from Blackwell Sports Cars, which is rapidly reaching fruition.

The Essex-based manufacturer, run by the human dynamo that is Wayne Blackwell, are reporting decent interest in their existing SPR1 body conversion kit (based on Mazda MX-5) lately and have teamed up recently with a new GRP manufacturer and can now offer a slightly revised kit package to allow for the recent trend of fitting MX-6 V6 engines to the SPR1.

They can now offer a revised bonnet with twin air-scoops to allow the bigger engine to gulp in More >


MOKE International has announced the introduction of the all-electric MOKE. Reservations can be made now with the first deliveries scheduled from Spring 2022.

From January 1, 2022, it will no longer be possible to order Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) MOKEs and customers wishing to acquire the last of these can do so through MOKE’s official UK distributor, the Hendy Group.

They reckon that nothing matches the thrill of traversing the world’s most beautiful beach resorts in an open-top MOKE. This experience is only made more fun through the instant and silent power delivery derived from an EV powertrain. Indeed, the new MOKE More >

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