FOLIATEC® has been making car wrapping films for years and has made quite a success of it – most of those beige taxis you see all over Germany are wrapped in FOLIATEC film. But when it comes to DIY use most of us shy away from film. The idea of wrapping a film around complex curves just seems too complicated (actually it’s not, but that’s another story).

So, a while back, FOLIATEC came up with a spray-on version of their film that anyone who can use a spray can of paint will find user-friendly. Now, they have taken things a step More >


Jenvey Dynamics has just launched its new electronic throttle actuator. The unit is highly modular, making it compatible with a large range of aftermarket independent throttle body (ITB) kits for road or race applications, and offers precise control over throttle actuation to help optimise induction systems.

It provides durability, size and weight-saving advantages over OE alternatives and, at just £495, is also cheaper and more robust than complex, bespoke fly-by-wire variants. “We have identified the need for a highly configurable, fit-and-forget electronic actuator that is good enough to be used in international race series, yet is more attainable than often complicated, More >


Bulletproof internals create a foundation for high-power engines. In standard form, Ford’s 4.6-litre modular V8s are excellent engines.

However, if an engine builder wants to upgrade to high performance cylinder heads, or add nitrous or forced induction, the engine internals may be pushed beyond their design limits.

To solve this issue, Scat has just introduced ‘Scat Packs for the 4.6-litre unit that are made to withstand the extreme stress of a high performance engine. They are complete rotating assemblies.

At the heart of each kit is a crankshaft and H-beam connecting rods forged from 4340 steel, plus a set of forged aluminium pistons. More >


New from OBP are new universal Girling-type alloy master cylinders for brake or clutch actuation with an integral fluid reservoir and screw on filler cap.

Featuring a vertical mounting flange with 2¼in mounting hole spacing and a 5/16in UNF threaded pushrod. The outlet port has a 3/8in UNF thread. These lightweight aluminium master cylinders are fitted to many competition cars, kitcars and classic car applications.

obp Branded Integral Reservoir Master Cylinder with a 3/8in UNF Outlet, 5/16in UNF Pushrod Thread with a 95mm push-rod length from the flange face. Priced from £39 inc VAT.

More from ENDS.


The original Cosworth YB plenum did not supply an even distribution of air to each cylinder, meaning that while one cylinder’s mixture is fine, another could be rich because it is getting less air.

This becomes more critical with increased performance of the engine. Burton Power’s modified plenum uses a high air-flow venturi design to supply an equal amount of air to each cylinder resulting in power gains of 10-25 bhp depending on the engine specification.

The plenum has been machined with ‘O’ ring sealing joints for both manifold and throttle body faces and made from a strong alloy casting, which will More >


This dual pocket ratchet from Laser Tools (part number 6074) is very handy at just 70mm long, and features two separate ratchets: ¼in drive plus a magnetic hex bit driver.

This is a quality item, manufactured to ANSI and DIN standards in satin finished chrome vanadium. The ratchet drives are 72-tooth and super smooth, driving from both sides for left and right action. The double flex joint in the centre allows difficult to access fasteners to be reached with ease.

Available now from your local Laser Tools supplier, the dual pocket ratchet is typically priced at £23.40 inc VAT, but remember to More >


Plenty of stuff going at Mills Extreme Vehicles. Let’s start with the electric news…

MEV-boss, Stuart Mills, is a keen follower of electric vehicles and recently decided to go down the electric motor route with his Charger concept. Typical of Stuart, he hasn’t hung around and the car is road-legal…I hope he puts it into production.

Definitely destined for production is the Mk2 version of the big-selling MEV Rocket, which became an ex-MEV when Road Track Race ceased trading last winter. Things are a little hush-hush at the minute but Stuart tells me that the Mk2 will become a reality, a new More >


Proving how versatile a kitcar can be and particularly how attached people become, Great British Sports Cars Customer, Phil Greenfield, used his GBS Zero at his wedding. How cool is that? Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Greenfield. Photo by

GBS’ American dealer, Brian Ball of BB Motorsport is doing well in his homeland helping to establish the Zero and the brand in North America. He’s recently ordered another Mazda-based kit – or should that be Miata?!

Great British Sports Cars will be at this year’s Goodwood Revival. Find them on stand 406c and finally the company’s next trackday will be at More >


OBP Motorsport’s Victory range of products has been designed for Clubman race-teams and drivers. The items have been hand-selected from archived products that OBP Motorsport has designed, engineered and manufactured over the years.

These race-proven products have been the back-bone of OBP’s range and the company strives for top quality, safe, track tested and professionally manufactured products at competitive prices.

An OBP spokesman said: “Don’t be fooled by the price as these products are designed and manufactured in our UK factory to the highest standard that people have come to expect.”

Prices start at £73.20 inc VAT with more information from or  01487 More >


Caterham Cars has appointed two new UK dealers to broaden the geographical reach of its network across the country.

Oakmere Motor Group in Cheshire and Williams Automobiles near Bristol have been signed up to sell Caterham’s full range, with demonstrators already in place at both dealerships.

Both businesses are already well-versed in the selling, servicing and maintenance of used Caterham Sevens but will now stock the recently-extended range of new cars, from Seven 160 to Seven 620R.

The addition of the two new dealers is a continuation of the expansion of Caterham’s sales network both in the UK and internationally. More UK dealers More >

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