Hot on the heels of their recently unveiled Torino wheel, Wolfrace has once again proven its commitment to making 2017 its most productive year to date (and for a company with well over four decades of history that is saying something), and has released details of a yet another new design of alloy wheel, the Kibo.

Not only is the Kibo a great looking wheel (more on that in a moment), it has some illustrious company, joining the likes of the Torino, Lugano and Poison in the highly-regarded Wolfrace GB lineup.

Like many of Wolfrace’s most successful of offerings, the Kibo is very much a less is more design, with an outwardly simple, multi-spoke appearance. The wheel most definitely rewards those who take the time to look a little closer though, with two distinct split-spoke designs radiating outwards from the centre; different enough to make a statement, similar enough to work as a complete package. It’s a superb way of bringing a classic wheel design right up to date, and one which has also proven to provide exemplary brake cooling properties.

The Kibo is a truly high-end wheel that’s taken years to develop, yet one wheel, an impressive 5×16in wheel at that, with prices starting from just £142.50 per wheel. Metal Grey and Black Polished are the available finishes.


8.0×18in                             8.0×19in                             8.5x20in

More information from or via 0845 330 9896 ENDS.