Burton Power has announced the introduction of oversized pistons in a new size that was previously unavailable.

The pistons are ideal for Kent engines running +0.090in pistons, which are now in need of a rebore. In the past, this would have meant going to expensive forged pistons (+.090in was the maximum size for a cast piston) or finding another engine block.

The pockets have 4in deep valve pockets meaning they will fit most performance camshafts (including 234 and 244) without any further piston modifications and are cast with highly stable invar inserts similar to the original Hepolite replacements.

The compression ratio will be in the region of 10.6:1 in a 1600 engine (the exact figure will depend on block height, head gasket thickness, etc).

They can be ordered as part number 18647/110 and retail at £70.20 each inc VAT making them considerably cheaper than custom-made forged pistons.

More info at the other end of 0208 554 2281or via www.burtonpower.com ENDS.