New in at Slim’s Detailing is the Soft 99 range of car care products. We’ve just sampled one of them.

Glaco Glass Compound Roll On which is the perfect preparation before applying a coating to your vehicle’s glass.

This convenient, handheld glass polish tool uses two types of abrasive to easily remove stains, traffic film and even old Glaco Ultra glass sealant. This all-in-one tool and compound features a felt pad, meaning there is no need for extra applicators or cloths to apply it.

Quite simple to apply to apply you just need to ensure that the glass is clean and dry. Then give the product a good shake to agitate the compound well and remove both the plastic cap and plastic seal.

You then just press onto the glass and gently squeeze to release the compound using the felt ‘head’ and polish the glass until all stains, contamination, or traces of existing coatings are gone. Finally, rinse well with water.

The 100ml all-in-one applicator and compound is available now at £9.96 inc VAT and is available from or by calling 0333 222 9944 ENDS.