As summer makes way for autumn and winter, the royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym would like to remind drivers of the importance of keeping their vehicle’s windows and lights clean.

As the name suggests, Autoglym Fast Glass is a disarmingly effective product for cleaning all types of automotive windows, whether they are made from traditional glass or plastic substitutes such as acrylic, Perspex or Lexan. The product is similarly ideal for cleaning mirrors, multimedia screens, number plates and light units, while professional detailers also recommend it for removing polish and wax residue from unpainted rubber and plastic trim.

Driving in autumn and winter brings particular challenges. The low sun that is typical of this season can reduce visibility by creating a dangerous glare across the windscreen. This obscuring effect can be significantly reduced by keeping the inside and outside of your windows clean.

In addition, clean windows are less likely to form condensation, which in turn will optimise the effectiveness of a vehicle’s demisting function.

While it is vital to see clearly, it is equally important to be seen. Though it has an abrasive-free formula, Autoglym experts also suggest that Fast Glass is the ideal product for cutting through winter road grime. This means that safety features such as headlights, fog lights, rear lenses and number plates can easily be given a quick once-over between full cleans.

As enthusiasts have come to expect from Autoglym products, Fast Glass is designed to do most of the hard work for you. A modest couple of squirts of this powerful yet safe cleaning solution is all that each window or light unit should require. It should then be spread across the entire area with a microfibre cloth and gently buffed to a crystal clear finish. In-car multimedia screens should not be sprayed directly but cleaned with a microfibre cloth that has been dampened with the product.

Autoglym Fast Glass is priced at £9 and presented in the company’s distinctive and space-efficient rectangular 500ml spray bottle. Suitable for exterior and interior use, the solution is compatible with the entire Autoglym range.

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