Winter or summer, you’ll be keeping warm, but you’ll certainly look cool, with these two multifunction unisex snoods from Laser Tools Racing.

The spring/summer snood (part number 8057) is manufactured from a lightweight, highly elastic polyester and can be worn as a scarf, hat, balaclava, headband or face mask. Also ideal for wearing under a motorcycle helmet or cycle helmet to keep the neck and head warm as well as prevent sweat from soaking the lining of the helmet.

The autumn/winter snood (part number 8065) is manufactured from a heavier material to help keep you warm as the nights draw in. Grey polyester with fully adjustable drawstring. This snood is also multifunctional and is ideal as a face covering to protect against bacteria or viruses. Both snoods are fully washable.

As worn by the BTCC Laser Tools Racing team members and available now from your Laser Tools stockist or from the Laser Tools Racing website:

They are both terrific value: the spring/summer snood (part number 8057) is priced at £5.95 and the autumn/winter snood (part number 8065) at £4.98 (both prices include VAT). Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.