Now is the time of year when many MGBs (and kitcars based on same) are tucked up in their garages waiting for the first signs of spring, but it’s also the time to get out into the garage and put some added enjoyment into your MGB in the form of a Fidanza lightweight aluminium flywheel.

Fidanza Lightweight flywheels offer –
• Faster throttle response and quicker acceleration
• Additional horsepower to the wheels by reducing parasitic losses due to flywheel weight
• Smoother, faster gear shifting
• Easier braking, better slowing (due to reduced rotational mass)
• Reduced clutch wear and improved efficiency (from better heat dissipation)
• Cost savings and longevity (friction plate is replaceable and can be replaced any number of times when worn)
• Potential for increased fuel economy (if you can keep your foot off the gas!)

Fidanza flywheels now come with a new green friction plate coating to protect the steel friction surface from moisture, oil and grease contamination during shipping, storage and installation.

The steel friction plate is the only part of the flywheel that is subject to wear although it is replaceable. When it eventually wears out there is no need to buy a complete new flywheel; just replace the friction plate and you’re off again!

Fidanza flywheels are available for the following MGB models:
1963-1967 1.8-litre 120-tooth flywheel – Fidanza part number 126991
1968-1980 1.8-litre 127-tooth flywheel – Fidanza part number 126801

As a special incentive, Fidanza is offering a special winter discount on these flywheels.
The 126991 flywheel is currently on offer at $447.96 instead of the list price of $527.02 and the
126801 is on offer at $388.70 instead of $457.29. Prices are plus shipping and import tax.

For more information on Fidanza’s premium aluminium flywheels and other great products or to find a dealer in your area visit ENDS.