Allard Motor Company is making its comeback for the first time in 60-years and introducing the Allard Sports Cars JR continuation series. The car is built by the original Allard family, who is offering the first chassis of the JR continuation series for sale with RM Sotheby’s at its upcoming London auction on October 31st, 2020.

Although they weren’t kitcars, there was something very hands-on and roll-up-sleeves-up about the low-volume maker Sydney Allard and his cars featured parts from a variety of sources.

Based on the original 1953 JR competition specification, the JR continuation was built by Lloyd Allard and his family to be a tool-room copy of the original 1953 Le Mans entrant.

The JR followed the Allard’s third-place success at Le Mans in 1950 in a J2 (the previous model) and with just seven JRs made between 1953 to 1955, and with a racing legacy to its name, the family wished to revive one of the rarest and most famous of Sydney Allard’s cars.

Commenting on the JR continuation series, Alan Allard said: “Watching my father build these cars in period is a memory that will always stay with me. The skills he’s passed on to me are now with my son, Lloyd, who has engineered and built the continuation you see today. Over 84 years on since the first Allard car was built, car number eight [after seven original JRs] continues my father’s legacy (Sydney Allard) and if he saw what we were doing today as a family, I know he’d be proud – and desperate to see how it performs on track.”

Allard Motor Company was a revered specialist, low-volume motor vehicle maker based in London, UK. The JR model followed the Allard Motor Company’s J2 and J2X models, which were extensively raced in the USA in the early-Fifties, scoring convincing road racing victories.

Since racing is such a large part of the company’s legacy and passion, the family decided to create the JR continuation series to be competitive and offer customers with the option of HTP papers and accreditation. Fitting the JR with a re-engineered version of the original-specification Cadillac 331 ci (5428cc) overhead-valve V8 (300bhp at 4500 rpm) Allard Sports Cars is also offering three- and four-speed gearboxes (chassis number 3408 fitted with the optional four-speed transmission) and a differential final drive with a selection of quick-change transfer gears, as well as providing the option to vary the ratio to suit specific events, race circuits and road rallies.

The dramatic and aerodynamic drop-head body has been created to original specification using the 1953 body buck that was created by the JR’s original designer, Dudley Hume, with a hand-formed aluminium body. The family has also kept the original divided front axle suspension and twin tubular chassis to retain the JR’s low weight).

Lloyd Allard commented on the race-specification and said: “As a family, we have been passionate in reviving and continuing the legacy of what Sydney Allard created over eight decades ago. Since we’re all [the current Allard family members involved in the project] passionate drivers, engineers and archivists, it’s been important to stay true to our roots and passion. We see this car as a tribute and we’d love to see the JR continuation model follow in the footsteps of my grandfather’s legacy and get back to Le Mans. Likewise, it would be a pleasure to see our creation on the historic and competition car circuit.”

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