I’m always a little bit sceptical of All-in-One polishes as I always feel that as they are a compromise, they really can’t do any one job in a masterful way. Having said that there a few decent ones and I’d probably choose one of them over say, a waterless wash product.

A really good all-in-one that came to my attention recently comes from Illusion Car Care and is called Revive, which is a cleanser, polish and wax all-in-one bottle.

It contains minor imperfection filling agents, light abrasives and carnauba wax, Revive is an easy and fast way to restore tired and shabby looking paint.

It is very easy to apply and just as simple to remove and is safe on paint, chrome, wheels and painted plastics. Illusion say that is also a great base for applications of wax

A 500ml bottle costs just £8.95 with more information from www.illusioncarcare.co.uk ENDS.