Hundreds of prizes are up for grabs thanks to a new ‘Peel and Win’ consumer promotion launched by OSRAM, with motorists being offered the chance to win a luxury spa weekend for two and an iPad Pro.

The promotion, designed to drive business through OSRAM’s customer base, is the first where products will be shipped from the Ring Automotive warehouse in Leeds.

How does it work?

Selected OSRAM value-added products will have the small ‘Peel & Win’ sticker applied to packs during September and October. Selected products include OSRAM Halogen upgrades such as Night Breaker Laser, Night Breaker Silver, Cool Blue Intense, Cool Blue Boost and Ultra Life; OSRAM HID Xenarc Original and upgrades including Xenarc Night Breaker Laser, Xenarc Cool Blue Intense and Xenarc Ultra Life; and finally, OSRAM Retrofit LEDs, including LEDriving HL and LEDriving FL.

Each ‘Peel & Win’ sticker can be peeled back to reveal a unique six-digit code. The code can be checked online to see if it is a winner. Codes can be checked at along with full terms and conditions of the promotion.

As well as two top prizes, others include promotional OSRAM items such as jackets, fleeces, mugs, umbrellas, caps and more.

The ‘Peel and Win’ sticker promotion went live on the 1st September 2020 and customers have up until March 31, 2021, to enter their unique code to see if they have won one of the many available prizes.

All shipments of stickered OSRAM products will also include a poster for motor factors, garages and workshops to display in their showroom or waiting room.

Those that enter a winning code will be told instantly that they are a winner, as well as receiving details of their prize, they’ll also receive a follow-up confirmation email.