Here’s one for your daily driver.

Despite the rise in sales of electric vehicles, the UK vehicle parc is growing older, and with it comes a responsibility to ensure these vehicles continue to perform correctly.

TerraClean, the UK’s leading decarbonising expert from Randstad, has seen a sharp increase in vehicles suffering from emissions-related problems coming into its 500-strong network of independent garages and mobile mechanics.

Phillip Dowd, Randstad sales director, said: “Because of lockdown and the MOT extension, there has been a massive amount of vehicle inactivity, which has brought about a number of engine and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) related problems. This also means more polluting vehicles on UK roads as vehicles suffer from increased carbon build-up.”

Thankfully, there are services available from to assist motorists with keeping their vehicle performing correctly, while at the same time keeping emissions in check ahead of a vehicle’s MOT test.

TerraClean is the leader in tackling the growing problem of DPFs, offering a range of patented products to solve all related issues – and also a service for the removal of ash and oil.

The DPF works by absorbing harmful diesel particulate matter or soot and then burning these off during its regeneration cycle. For this cycle to complete successfully, the vehicle is required to run for a prolonged period to allow regeneration or risk the DPF becoming clogged and ultimately fail. Other reasons for DPF failure include mechanical faults or driving style.

The TerraClean process involves removing carbon from a vehicle’s system resulting in improved MPG, emissions, performance and component life.

Results from an independently monitored public survey found that 95 per cent of motorists noticed a positive difference when driving their vehicle after a TerraClean and 100 per cent of people said they would recommend the service to others.

“It’s going to be a busy time for garages in the coming months as vehicles exempt from an MOT will be required to take a test,” added Dowd. “Motorists will need to play their part in ensuring their vehicle is roadworthy and TerraClean can help in this process.” 

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