This one isn’t a kit but it is very specialist and downright charming.

Not content with making the beautiful V-Sport three-wheeler, Pembleton Motor Company has unveiled the T24, their new four-wheeler.

It’s a hand-crafted, cyclecar weighing just 361kg it has vintage charms that fully complies with modern road-safety requirements.

There is plenty of twenties inspiration in the T24 not only in style but the overall feel of the thing, from its hand-formed aluminium body, drilled and riveted to the chassis and oozes traditional British craftsmanship.

An electronically managed and fuel-injected Moto Guzzi V-Twin engine is the beating heart of the T24. Combined with fully independent suspension, disc brakes, it’s not only one of the lightest production cars ever built.

Prices start at £34,795 with more information from or at the other end of 01299 832 944 ENDS.