Mint Classic is a young car care brand but one that really has found a niche within the classic car market with quality products at a great price.

I tried their Wheel Cleaner recently, which had been recommended to me and although a crowded market there are some really rubbish products out there. Wheel cleaners tend to fall into two camps when it comes to smell. They either have a pong like peroxide hair bleach or that of an oven cleaner and Mint Classic’s falls into the latter category.

It features a non-acidic formula and I had a filthy set of 22in X5 wheels that needed a clean urgently. They were so bad I’m sure they looked like they were actually painted black! I sprayed the product on liberally and let it get to work on the grease, crud and road grime.

It was definitely lifting the worst of the dirt all on its own before I had a chance to get the bristle wheel brush into action. I then followed up with a dedicated wash mitt and a bucket of clean water and was very impressed with the way it cleaned my wheels.

Impressive stuff

What’s even better is that a 500ml spray bottle of Mint Classic Wheel Cleaner costs just £7.95. A bargain.

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