I’m loving the packaging that Lancashire-based car care company Akira Brand uses on their products while their smells and bright colours appeal to me too.

Take their bubblegum-infused Lush Quick Detailer, which I had the chance to try this week after a reader who is also well into his detailing recommended it.

I always try and follow up when a reader tells me about a good product as tip-offs like that are definitely of interest to others. That’s what we’re here for – to spread the word about good companies and products

Having used Lush on my X5, which was badly covered in some sort of sand from the Sahara Desert or more likely Pevensey Bay, I got cracking. The heady scent was intoxicating (in the way that only a fine smelling car care product can!) as did the way the product ‘flashed’ on the car’s surface as soon as I hit it with a microfibre cloth. It clearly has a high amount of carnauba wax in its formula.


I hate quick detailer’s that hang around longer than a bad smell and leave smears and residue on your bodywork. Not so with Lush, it buffs straight off leaving a very high gloss shine as the image here of my car shows. I was impressed with the depth of shine and the silky feel of the paint.

It hasn’t rained since I applied it, but Akira Brand says that it is extremely hydrophobic in its nature.

I was so impressed I’ll be putting more of their products through their paces over coming months.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £9.99 with more information from www.akirabrand.co.uk ENDS.