This is a socket set with a difference, new from Laser Tools: it’s a magnetic deep socket set (part number 7783). These are deep sockets (63mm in length), 3/8in drive, seven sockets included (7mm to 14mm), all with a six-point single hex.

They are magnetised, but here is the difference: the magnet is spring-loaded, and travels down the length of the socket. So, when access is difficult and you have to run a nut along a long thread, reach for these magnetic sockets and you won’t lose the nut (how many times has that happened to me?! – Ed).

Exhaust manifold studs, handbrake cable adjusters, turbo actuators, there are lots of applications where these sockets will get you out of trouble. Fitting the nut, it’s held securely as you reach down into the engine compartment. Removing the nut, you can spin it down the whole length of the thread, then remove the socket with the nut intact.

These are sturdy sockets, manufactured from strong chrome vanadium steel. Usefully, you can purchase the sockets separately, if you need one for a particular application: 7mm (part number 7784), 8mm (7785), 10mm (7786), 11mm (7787), 12mm (7788), 13mm (7789) and 14mm (7790).

The 7783 set is available now from your Laser Tools stockist and typically priced at £59.59 (price includes VAT). Always remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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