I’m a really big fan of the pump sprayers produced by Marolex. I’ve been the happy owner of their Ergo sprayer and an Axel 3000 foamer and they play a large part in my detailing regime.

The Ergo is ideal for use when I want to really clean my wheels as you can spray the wheel cleaner or Iron Fallout Remover right into all the nooks and crannies behind the spokes and the inside of the wheel, where crud can gather. Amongst the many possible uses, it can also be used to apply clay bar lubricant. It is supplied with different nozzles that alter the spray pattern, as required. You just unscrew one and replace with another.

I also really like the Axel 3000 hand foamer. Sometimes it isn’t convenient to break out the pressure washer and foam cannon attachment (even the incredibly handy Worx Hydroshot). I find that fifty pumps before you start will get you a good halfway around the car.

Depending on the foam you use and how much coverage you’d expect your foam cannon to give, will determine how happy you’ll be with the Marolex Axel. Speaking as I find, if I use a favoured snowfoam such as Adam’s Ultra Foam, which leaves the car looking like it has been caught in a blizzard, the hand foamer doesn’t do a bad job at all.

As with the Ergo sprayer, the Axel is also supplied with various nozzles and others are available as accessories as is a lance type attachment.

Prices for both products vary with the Ergo 2000 (2-litre capacity) around £18-£20 and the Axel 3000 (3-litre capacity) typically around £38-£40. If you shop around you should find a good deal available.

View these and the rest of the Marolex range at www.marolex.eu ENDS.