Soft-trim maestros, Woolies has some new sponge seals in stock. All products are available by the metre or if you want roll prices just ask Woolies for them.

Also, the alloy end caps for running board treads are now back in stock. Woolies have had these manufactured as they were no longer available.

Self-Adhesive Ribbed sponge (Part No. 469)

A really useful self-adhesive sponge, approx 10mm (3/8in) wide and 5mm tall and only £1.20 per metre.

Self-Adhesive Bead (Part No. 470)

Another self-adhesive sponge seal, very collapsible sponge tube approximate height is 19mm (¾in) and the foot is approximately 14mm wide.

A good option if you have a gap that varies as it is fairly large (14mm) and compresses to half its size (approx 7mm).

£5 per metre.

Sponge Extrusion (Part No. SRS10)

This can be used as a door and boot seal.

£3 per metre.

Sponge Extrusion (Part No. SRS17)

This is a Triumph TR2 + 3B Type Hood and door seal. The solid ‘foot’ is 8mm across the bottom, total height 15mm and ‘relaxed’ width 20mm.

£3 per metre.

Sponge Extrusion (Part No. SRS19)

This is a general-purpose firm sponge window section which will take 6mm glass. Approximate sizes are overall height 19mm, width at base 12.5mm, base thickness 5.5mm and approximate slot depth of 12mm.

£6 per metre.

Sponge and Rubber Extrusion (Part No. SRS12)

This is suitable for early Mini door side window seals.

£3.50 per metre.

Alloy End Cap for Running Board Aluminium and Rubber (Part No.166)

Woolies now have these back in stock having had them re-manufactured so they have plenty of them!

They are used to finish off ends of running board tread Part No.67  7/8in (22mm) wide.

They use 1 x size ‘4’ screw.

More information from or 01778 347 347 ENDS.