There are several things I like about this one. For start the company makes me smile as does the name of their all-purpose cleaner, Lemon-Aid and its little strapline of ‘keep your car’s scurvy at bay’!

There’s nothing funny about the quality of the products though as they do the job required of them. APC’s can smell a bit toilet cleaner, which is OK if they are used in unobtrusive areas but when you have to use them within your car’s interior that can be a bit off-putting.

However, Lemon-Aid has a pleasing, er, lemon scent and doesn’t smell or feel like it will do anything nasty to your skin or the area it’s being applied to.

A quick word about the quality of the company’s trigger sprayers. First-class. I hate those inept, delicate triggers that are hard to get hold of and/or usually break! Irritating.

It goes on like it means business and I left it to dwell on my car’s door-shuts for about 30-seconds then wiped said ‘scurvy’ straight off. What was left behind was a clean shut-line and a pleasing lemon scent. I also used it on a little patch of bird poo, and it dealt with that, with ease, too.

I’d always reached first for Koch Cehmie’s Green Star APC, which is brilliant, but I’d definitely say that Lemon-Aid could be my new best friend as far as All-Purpose Cleaners, go, especially at the very friendly price of just £5.99 for a 500ml spray bottle. How do they do it for that?!

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